Crooked Hillary Clinton as President! Not Now, Not Ever!

Crooked Hillary Clinton

Why we cannot have crooked Hillary Clinton as President!

by Mark Murphy Trump Ville  Facebook contributor

Trump calls her Crooked Hillary for good reason. For those too young to remember all the Clinton Drama here is a pretty good list that needs sharing everywhere. If you don’t agree with her moniker that Trump hung on her, read this list and it will become clear why Mr. Trump calls her Crooked Hillary

1. Against 2nd Amendment – Will take ALL guns!
2. Sympathy for ISIS – Says Americans do not have empathy or respect for ISIS!
3. Is for total OPEN BORDERS! – Welcome terrorists!
4. Is under investigation for criminal miss-handling of classified emails
5. Doesn’t support Free/Smart trade deals – will continue to lose American jobs!
6. Enabler of rapist, sexual predator husband!
7. Supported NAFTF – Her husband SIGNED IT – thousands of jobs lost!
8. Supporter of TPP! – More jobs will be gone!
9. Was fired TWICE from respected Law Firms for unethical practices and lying!
10. Lied to families of Benghazi victims
11. Has very questionable history of close friends and associates being murdered
12. Bill Clinton DESTROYED the respect of the White House with sex with Monica!
13. Is incapable of fair trade deals – China & Japan will eat her lunch! More jobs lost!
14. Supports Common Core!
15. Supports Obamacare!
16. Supports bringing in 1000’s of Syrian refugees!
17. Against any border wall!
18. Against Border Patrol doing their job!
19. Supports full amnesty for all illegals!
20. Has done nothing for women in last 30 years!
21. Has done nothing for African Americans in last 20 years!
22. Supports bringing in 1000’s of foreign workers to take American jobs!
23. Is pro-Shariah law!
24. Is pro-Islam being taught in American schools! Indoctrinate children!
25. Is pro-Islam!
26. Selling uranium to Russia to fund campaign!
27. Is against 1st amendment
28. Is supported by the KKK and stated that the KKK is the “Heart & Soul” of America
29. Does not apologize for Benghazi and say NO LIVES WERE LOST! LIAR
30. Says white people are solely responsible for racism in the country!
31. Supports Louis Farrakhan!
32. Supports funneling American tax money to foreign countries that do not like America!
Supports all Obama executive decisions and actions! She’s the face of establishment politics

Crooked Hillary She has no Integrity

  • -She’s a globalist neo-con
  • -She’s of, by, and for the collusion between big govt and big corp
  • -She’s a shameless liar
  • -She’s the most non-transparent politician in history
  • -She has stroke-induced brain damage
  • -She is literally every reason not to vote for a politician all rolled into one person. But wait, there’s more:
  • -She was fired from the Watergate investigation for lying and being unethical
  • -She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary
  • -She lied throughout her Whitewater scandal
  • -She lied about taking “sniper fire” when visiting the Balkans during the 90s
  • -She lied about Benghazi
  • -She lied throughout her email scandal and continues to lie about it
  • -She lied about being broke after leaving the White House
  • -She described blacks as being “super-predators”
  • -She hired a VP of Goldman-Sachs to be her 2016 campaign manager.
  • -She received millions of dollars from Goldman-Sachs for speaking engagements
  • -Her “charity” received tens of millions of dollars from Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and UBS
  • -Her “charity” received tens of millions of dollars from China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, and the UAE
  • -She supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey
  • -She voted for the Patriot Act twice
  • -She was “adamantly against illegal immigration” before she was for it
  • -She was opposed to gay marriage before she was for it
  • -She was a lawyer who defended a rapist and laughed at the plight of the 12-year-old rape victim
  • -She approved the sale of US uranium to Russian nuclear corporations in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her “charity”
  • -She gave out eight Secretary of State’s Awards for Corporate Excellence, and seven were to corporations that donated millions to her “charity”

Crooked Hillary is literally every reason not to vote for a politician all rolled into one person.

by Mark Murphy Trump Ville  Facebook contributor

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