Corrupt Media and the DNC Conspiracy Theory’s have failed!

corrupt media

Corrupt Media carries DNC’s Water Constantly

by Amanda Wiley

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The rope a dope of politics is showing its ugly self one day at a time and one testimony after another. The media are as guilty on this filthy maneuver as the other politicians involved. Watching the story unfold one day at a time I have to ask myself, am I seeing thru the smoke and seeing the truth behind the lies?

It’s not been a secret that there is no love loss between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin. Issues between those two go back over a decade and hit escalation after the election in Russia in December 2011. In 2011 Hillary Clintons comments about the election results being unfair and dishonest in Russia put fuel on a raging fire and Putin accused Hillary of being behind the protests that took place.

So it has already been reported that intelligence sources are blaming Russia for hacking the DNC email servers and releasing damaging emails from the Democratic Party. However, news reports say that Russia was doing this to aid the election of Donald Trump, HOLD THE PRESS! HIT THE BREAKS!! STOP! What if the document dump wasn’t to aide Donald Trump in the election but was a revenge to crush Hillary Clintons presidential campaign, as simple payback for her part in stacking the fire about the Russian elections.

James Comey involved along with the Corrupt Media

FBI Director James Comey received an intelligence report from Russia in the summer of 2016 and made a public statement saying that Hillary was careless in her classified information and email handling but they were not issuing any charges on the matter.

Now in 2017 after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election and Donald Trump is the president of the United States and James Comey was fired from his job as FBI director it comes out that James Comey blamed the Russian intelligence he received in summer 2016 for his public statement denouncing any charges being Pursued.

Comey Relied on Corrupt Media for Guidance

Comey also said he “knew it was a fake report” and he made his decision from that report anyway. What if the Russians or the Clintons paid Comey off to protect a deep secret held between Hillary and Putin?

Even though there’s no love loss between the two there is still a relationship, why else would Hillary give the Russians 20% of the United States uranium? Was there more to that deal that was not made public and Hillary crossed Putin to the point of him seeking revenge?

The Clinton campaign, as well as the media, are all accusing Donald Trump of having ties to Russia, they were blaming and accusing these allegations even before the election was held in November 2016.

In October 2016 James Comey drops a bombshell about more emails on the Clinton investigation have surfaced, what if that was a guilty conscience speaking because he knew the first statement was made considering fake or false intelligence reports.

Trump not hooked up with Russia

Putin didn’t want to help Trump, Putin was trying to crush Hillary. Donald Trump was just the end of Hillary’s presidential run, he also became the target after Hillary started pointing fingers and blaming him to be working with Russia. DONALD TRUMP was not working with the Russians, he had nothing to do with it at all. He just became the sleight of hand target to allow HILLARY to escape scrutiny. After 6 months of saying Trump was working with the Russians, they have found zero proof.

“Misdirection” and the Corrupt Media

The only connection found with Russia and the United States all filter thru Hillary and have nothing to do with Trump. If Putin’s agenda was to crush Hillary in revenge, it worked! If Hillary’s agenda is trying to escape public scrutiny by pointing the finger at Trump, it’s working! If the media’s agenda in blaming Trump is to protect Hillarys secret deal gone wrong with Russia, it’s worked thus far.

The truth shall set them free or dig their grave but either way, I feel Trump had nothing to do with it. When everyone’s got their eye on one target they aren’t paying attention to what the other was doing and if the media don’t report without bias then the truth will remain hidden until someone reveals it in a bombshell that will rock the Whitehouse! 

“corrupt media”,  by Amanda Wiley

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