Growing the Conservative Farm Team

Conservative Farm Team

The Importance Of Growing The Conservative Farm Team

by The Presidential Coalition CFT 

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Editor: I met this group on the phone when they were soliciting for donations. I told them about our group and that I would reach out to them to see if they would help. Visit their site for complete information. These people are doing good work, as far as I can tell, they are a worthy cause and needed to promote conservative candidates in local and state governments.

Since 2005, The Presidential Coalition has been dedicated to identifying and supporting conservative candidates running for office at the state and local levels of government. Many of today’s up and coming grassroots conservatives will blossom into our national leaders of tomorrow. They represent the next generation, the conservative farm team, and it is critically important that they receive early support.

We are getting Results with our Conservative Farm Team

Our most glowing examples of success are the cases of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh in Maryland.

Not everyone is focused on these state and local races, as many groups tend to concentrate on high-profile federal elections, but we at The Presidential Coalition take great pride in our work to seek out the courageous conservatives putting their names on the ballot in the races that few are covering. These men and women are in the trenches running for the right reasons. They care deeply about their country, their children and grandchildren’s future, and fighting for the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution that we all hold dear.

We give support through your donations

Our Conservative Farm Team is giving support to these candidates inspires them to forge on when the going gets tough. Our support lets them know someone out there is watching them and appreciates the hard work they are doing day in and day out for the conservative movement – even when it seems like no one is paying attention to all the handshaking and door knocking.

That’s why The Presidential Coalition’s work is unique. We’re not like everybody else – only focused on the elections that the cable news is constantly reporting on – we’re interested in finding the diamonds in the rough who get little media attention, but will be the conservative leaders of tomorrow.

We’re calling for all conservative hands on deck in this process – we need your help in this important ongoing candidate cultivation effort! While our team is constantly on the lookout for the next great conservative leader, we can’t do it alone. If there is a terrific conservative running for office in your area, we want you to contact us to let us know and we’ll give the candidate you’re championing every consideration for support! Please also visit our Direct Impact section to see which candidates we’ve been supporting!

Thank you for visiting The Presidential Coalition.

by The Presidential Coalition CFT 

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