Congressional Letter to FBI accusing the Clinton Foundation of Pay to Play

pay to play

Congress Letter wants the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation for Pay for Play Fraud ! NOW !

“Pay to Play”, was submitted by a Larry Duncan, Florida.  Larry, toothpick-in-my-beard, got this from a friend. So no one knows where it came from. but it’s a step in the right Direction for Congress, and I think they have a case this time. They accuse the Foundation of specific crimes mainly “Pay to Play”.

July 15, 2016

TO: The Honorable James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20535-0001

And To: The Honorable Edith Ramirez, Chairwoman Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20580

Copy To: The Honorable John Koskinen, Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC 20224-0002

“Congress Pay to Play letter” to FBI and IRS.

Dear Director Comey, Commissioner Koskinen and Chairwoman Ramirez:

We write concerning the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (hereinafter “the Foundation”). Members of this body have previously expressed concerns about the Foundation’s activities in letters to the IRS in May 2015 and the FTC last April. Unresolved media reports raising significant issues of public corruption regarding Foundation activities, American foreign policy, and Secretary Clinton compel us to write again. These reports, along with recently discovered information about the Foundation’s initial tax exempt filings, portray a lawless “Pay to Play” enterprise that has been operating under a cloak of philanthropy for years and should be investigated.

First, the Foundation’s initial filings with the IRS for 501(c)(3) status appear to prohibit much of its current activity. The Foundation submitted its application to the IRS on December 23, 1997.1 The description of its “activities and operational information” notes that it would construct a library, maintain a historical site with records, and engage in study and research.2 No mention is made of conducting activities outside of the United States, which is one of the codes included in the IRS “Application for Recognition of Exemption” in effect at that time (see activity code 910).3 As a result, the Foundation’s global initiatives appear to be unlawful pursuant to IRS guidance.

Second, media reports indicate that President Clinton served as an honorary chancellor for Laureate International Universities for five years beginning on April 24, 2010. President Clinton was paid $16.5 million as an honorary chancellor 4 and Laureate “has been a seven-figure donor to the Clinton

Foundation, giving between $1 million and $5 million,” and also made five commitments to the Clinton Global Initiative.5 In addition, the International Youth Foundation (IYF), an entity run by Laureate founder Douglas Becker, received over $55 million of USAID grants from 2010 to 2012.6 USAID operates under substantial guidance from the Secretary of State which creates an appearance that millions of

dollars in taxpayer money was channeled to IYF by Secretary Clinton’s State Department as a kickback for her husband’s generous contract as an honorary Laureate chancellor.

Third, Uranium One is a Russian run company that has acquired “control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.”8 Uranium One’s chairman donated $2.35 million to the Foundation through several donations, which the Foundation failed to report, as the Russian’s gained control of Uranium One from 2009-2013.9 The New York Times reported that former President Clinton “received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank….promoting Uranium One stock” after the Russians declared their intent to acquire control of Uranium One. 10 Secretary Clinton was also one of several Administration officials who approved the sale of the uranium. The intersection of Foundation business, official action taken by Secretary Clinton, and a large payment to President Clinton from an interested party once again smacks of a “Pay to Play” pattern of dealing that personally enriched the Clinton’s at the expense of American foreign policy.

The Foundation’s activities cannot be ignored given the compelling public interest involved. Just last week the Justice Department indicted a Member of Congress for soliciting over $800,000 for charitable causes which were used “as a personal slush fund” .11 The Clinton Foundation collected $337,985,726.00

in contributions, grants, and other revenue in 2014 alone. 12 The Foundation has routinely gone behind its pledge to act in furtherance of charitable causes and beyond the scope of activities indicated in its initial filings with the IRS. The appearance of “Pay to Play” transactions involving Laureate and Uranium One also raise serious allegations of criminal conduct requiring further examination.


Public corruption undermines the integrity of representative government and institutions associated with elected or public officials. However, the failure of government agencies to independently assess and investigate the validity of such allegations can have an even more damaging effect. We ask that each of your agencies review these allegations pursuant to your jurisdictional charge. Thank you for your consideration of our views on these matters.

Signed by these members of congress,,,,,

Marsha Blackburn
Tome Price
Bill Schuster
Mike Kelly
Jeff Miller
Joe Pitts
Dan Newhouse
Bill long
Candice Miller
Joe Barton,
Morgan Griffith
Gregg Harper
Louie Gomert
Glenn Grothman
Diane Black
David Rouzer
Scott DesJarlais
Randy Weber,
Dave Brat
Ted Yoko
Matt Salmon
Mike Rogers,
Mark Meadows
Dennis Ross,
Chris Collins,
Ryan Zinke,
Jackie Walorski
Lynn Jenkins
Charles W. Boustany JR, MD
Robert Pittenger
Michael McCall,
Pete Sessions,
James Sensenbrenner.
Jim Bridenstine,
Doug Lamborn,
Bill Flores,
Sam Johnson,
Steve Chabot,
Blake Farenthold
Vicky Hartzler,
Devin Cramer
Tom Marino
Andy Harris, MD,
Lynn Westmoreland,
Buddy Carter,
Scott Garrett
Steve Peace,
Behan Badin,
Stephen Fincher,
Chace Fleischmann,
Phil Roe,
Jeff Duncan,
Trent Kelly,
Rick Allen,
Ken Buck,
Dave Schweikert,
Renée , Elmers
Joe Wilson,
Larry Bucshon,
Ron Desantis
Mike Pompeo,
Trent Franks,

Check out the Clinton Foundation website if you like,,, no,,, there isn’t a section called “Pay to Play”,.

Sent in by a Larry Duncan, Florida.  who got this from a friend. So no one know where it came from.

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