Confessions of a democrat – I Didn’t Leave the Democratic Party it Left Me!

Confessions of a democrat

I Beverley Jane Russell was a life long Democrat ! That’s right a Democrat !

“Confessions of a democrat”, by Beverley Jane Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

Confessions of a democrat, I finally stopped believing the lies

The Democratic party at one time was a decent party . But as time passed over a decade + , the Democratic party became unrecognizable to me. At first, for years, the shift was slow, then an avalanche hit and the destruction of a once great party was seemingly stripped of any and all dignity. The Democratic Party did more than go left it went as far left as it could possibly go! When is it okay to burn American Flags, Riot in the streets, kill babies, not say God Bless or Merry Christmas, and to let America be overrun with illegal immigrates, not prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her emails & Benghazi and lying to congress, not charge the President for treason for all his crimes against America, have an Attorney General and FBI that cover up and lie to the American People! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I want nothing to do with, The New World Order Democratic Party!

For me at first I just stopped voting in primary elections. Then I’d vote in the fall and vote for the person not the party! After several elections, I noticed I was voting independent or Republican more and more! I’ll admit that occasionally I’d vote Democrat but it was more at a county level, never state or government level. The reason was simple, I didn’t identify with the values the Democratic party was beginning to embrace. I realized that the Democratic Party didn’t represent me or what I stood for at all anymore. In fact it was just the opposite .

I didn’t only not agree with the New Democratic party and their doctrine, I begin to see it as a cult/mobster Den. If you really think about it, it is sort of a brainwashing technique. The Democratic Party preaches time after time to everyone on every occasion that we are all racist, that the white man is to blame for everything, that we should be ashamed if we don’t want illegal immigrates here, that we don’t need guns that guns make us unsafe! They pit race and religion against each other. They create Hate, and White People are the race they hate, and Christianity is the religion.

But I still didn’t switch party’s, I surmise it was because of three things.

  1. I was a lifelong Democrat .
  2. My father was a lifelong Democrat
  3. I was hoping I was going thru a phase.

Like with a rebellious teenager . I thought maybe, just maybe this New World Order Democratic Party would soon disperse and I’d get my old party back. But to my dismay I was horribly wrong. Not only did I not get my party back but I watched it fall into a deep dark abyss of corruption! With integrity, honesty, and values being stripped away by a cyclone of treasonous acts! I saw time after time Democratic party leaders get away with unimaginable atrocities against America and Her citizens! I became more Angry and sickened day by day as horrific scenes of injustice played out. I watched as Democratic Leaders became Above the Law. And frankly that pissed me off !

At the same time I witnessed the demolition of the Democratic party, I also notice the Rise of the Republican Party! The Republican Party had become more center, well, I guess just right of center. The Republican Party was reforming and becoming more in tune and in touch with the American Voters!

My opinion is the Republican party saw exactly what was an inevitable disaster for the Democratic party and started actually listening to the People !

Republicans drew strength from the fractured Democratic party and more often than not Democrat’s where either switching to Republican or not voting at all, which as I said, is something I was guilty of, just not voting . My father said something to me that really stuck in my head. He told me not voting because you don’t like your party’s candidate is ultimately like voting for them anyways, So if you are really against your parties candidate’s platform but you’re not 100% sold on the opposing candidate, but you agree more with this candidates platform. It’s more important to vote against the one you know you don’t agree with, than it is to vote for the one you agree somewhat with. My Father ( Hearl Howard ) is a smart cookie .

I have always had a deep devotion for politics. My philosophy on politics is, ” It you don’t vote, you have no voice to complain about anything !”

Voting is truly the one and only way your voice is counted. ((Which on a side note , I hate the electoral system , I’d like to see popular vote , but that’s another story !)). As I mentioned I was an avid voter filled with American Pride, so not wanting to vote and or/not being able to vote (in Kentucky there isn’t a crossover vote in the primary, you vote your party , or you don’t vote.) was a Huge problem for me. I felt as if I was a patriot with no party!

The Last Straw that made me change

Simple : MR. DONALD J TRUMP !!! When Mr. Trump announced his run for President I instantly felt hope and became excited about Politics again for the first time in a long time. I watched every bit of coverage as possible, the debates, the interviews, the news, I watched and listened closely. Reading articles became my favorite pass time. In early spring 2016 I got online and switched my party to Republican ! And to be quite honest Trump running for President has made me pay a lot more attention to other Republican Party Leaders, like Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Allen West, Chris Christi, and Mike Pence, they all love our country  I was astounded by how much I actually agree with the Republican party ! Problem is always in the past, far past, I liked the candidates running on Democrat ticket but that was a distant past and something that is defiantly gone now. So I started paying more attention to the Republican party and realized it was a perfect fit for my values.

If you are on the fence , ask yourself this , are you voting party or person ? Ask yourself if voting your party is truly what you feel inside . Do you completely agree with Hillary Clinton and all her lies ? Do you look at your children and know that your vote is shaping their future ! Can you consciously vote for a women that has been found to have more skeletons in her closet than a graveyard ? Can you vote Hillary just because you are a Democrat ?

Or do you still believe in a Great America ? And a Candidate that will truly defend our country , its values , and its citizens ? Do you want the freedoms , fairness , and love of country to exist for your children ? Do You believe right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of whom does the deed ?

Do you still have American Pride in your heart ?

If so then the only choice this fall is none other than

Donald J Trump ! Let you decision be based on facts .

Hillarys track record speaks for itself , she will lie , scheme and even order murder (if you believe Larry Nichols former hitman for the Clinton’s see: ) . Hillary Clinton is a Corrupt Candidate and we know this as fact ! Can you really ,vote for and stand for Hillary knowing what you know ?

On the other hand what is the worst thing you can say about Donald Trump ? He filed bankruptcy on 4 businesses out of hundreds of businesses . That’s a pretty darn good record ! Trumps Temperament ?, top shrinks say : Trump’s temperament falls into the same category as such history-making former presidents as Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Ronald Reagan , see trumps temperament, Top Shrink test says Mr Trump has the exact temperament to lead our country forward and beyond .

Donald Trump is a true Patriot that loves the United States of America !As do I ! My Vote will be a vote of my conscious .

My Vote Will Be Donald J Trump !

Make America Great Again !

Confessions of a democrat“, by Beverley Jane Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report,by Beverley Jane Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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