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I do not find myself living in my America any longer. Yes I will agree that since the dawn of mankind the two strongest motivating factor have been GREED and FEAR. As a matter of fact America was developed and has in the past prospered by the greed of some very powerful greedy people,like the Clintons, and even the greed of less powerful people motivated by need. If you go back to the beginning you will see the greed factor of powerful have used the need factor of the less powerful to feed their greed and lust for power. Now I have no problem with seeing people prosper and become wealthy if they accomplish it in an honest and forthright manner but when they become corrupt and use the power they have obtained through their wealth or position in government obtained through the sanction of the people I oppose that with every Patriotic drop of blood I possess. We have, or at least I have, witnessed over the years the elected and appointed politicians in our country develop into some really mega big time criminals reaching heights today never ever imagined by our found fathers. Like any or most thieves or crooks they start small and as or if they do so and are not discovered they will most often increase the amount they steal and become more and more corrupt as time goes by. That my friends is the status of our government via our elected and appointed representatives today. And as of today there hasn’t been anyone who has been “more successful” or “more open” as the Clintons, Hillary and Bill. 

Clinton Cash exposes the Clintons lack of character

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

Most Democrats are devastated by the news this documentary exposes. Leaving Hillary in droves. Hillary drew 27 million viewers to view her acceptance speech, while Donald Trump drew an amazing record 34 million. The US Flagless convention resorted to paying $50 each to fill empty seats, Use crowd noise machines just like a sitcom, and noise suppressor machines to cover-up the booing. Paid participants were required to cheer, dress nice, and to possibly wear Hillary T-shirts, and to look attentive.

This week, as Democrats fawn over Hillary Clinton, I’m struck by how both Clintons continue to thrive despite their remarkable record of sleazy dealings. The just released documentary “Clinton Cash,” based on a book by Peter Schweizer, explains how they make big money by selling access to themselves. In his factual documentation Schweizer reports how the Clintons use “speaking fees” to get around bribery laws.

“If somebody gave a politician or family member money for a favor, that’s breaking the law. But if you say it’s a speaking fee, and you pay double or triple the normal rate, that seems to be legal.”

Since Bill Clinton left office, he’s earned more than $126 million giving speeches. Nothing wrong with that. Bill likes to talk, and if people want to pay big bucks to hear him or just to say they were near him, so be it. It’s their own money.

But what suggests influence peddling, says Schweizer, is that before Hillary became secretary of state, Bill’s usual fee was less than $200,000. But after Hillary became secretary of state, he made as much as $750,000 per speech.

That’s “evidence that people paying him expect to get something in return,” says Schweizer. “She becomes appointed secretary of state, a friend of the president of Nigeria suddenly offers (Bill) $700,000 apiece for two speeches. An investment firm in Moscow that’s tied to the Kremlin who had never paid for him to speak before suddenly gave him $500,000.”

Those are just two of many examples cited in “Clinton Cash.”

Sometimes the Clintons launder the money through the Clinton Foundation. It’s collected more than $2 billion to “improve global health and wellness.”

But Sean Davis of The Federalist examined Clinton Foundation records and concluded only about 15 percent of the money goes to actual charity work to help needy people.

Most is spent paying Clinton cronies and other well-connected people to schmooze with governments and charities, which supposedly helps those governments and charities help people. I doubt it helps much.

Haiti Earthquake Victims Get victimized again by the Clintons

Even the earthquake in Haiti became a moneymaking opportunity for the Clintons.

After the earthquake, the Clinton Foundation announced that it would work with governments and businesses to help rebuild Haiti. Actual rebuilding has been meager.

A Clinton Foundation press release promised an industrial park that would create “up to 60,000 jobs.” Just 7,000 jobs have been created.

What the Foundation has managed to do is help Clinton “friends.” One, Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien, runs Digicel, a company that wanted a grant to build Haiti’s cellphone network.

“Four weeks after their application,” says Schweizer, Digicel sponsored a speech for Bill Clinton in Jamaica and “paid him $225,000. Within four months of that speech, Digicel would receive the first installment of that grant money.”

Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, even managed to cash in. The Haitian government awarded an exclusive gold mining contract to a company called VCS mining. VCS, says Schweizer, “has no experience in mining, very little experience in Haiti, and it raises the question, of all the companies out there, why did the Haitian government pick this one company?”

The Clintons will tell you that it had nothing to do with the facts that Hillary’s brother got a job with VCS and the chairman happens to be a Democratic donor.

The worst example in “Clinton Cash,” says Schweizer, is the Ericsson telecom deal. The Swedish company Ericsson was in trouble with the State Department because it sold telecom equipment to repressive regimes.

Says Schweizer, “WikiLeaks cables show the State Department sort of busting up the Swedish foreign minister, saying you need to get Ericsson into line. Ericsson decides that this would be a great time to sponsor a speech by Bill Clinton. They had never done so before. They decided to go big, $750,000 for a 20-minute speech. Bill gives the speech and literally seven days later, the State Department comes out with a statement saying we’re not going to take further action against Ericsson. We’re going to ask them to police themselves.”

Hillary Clinton would like you to believe that electing a woman ( shows she is favored 67 percent to 32 percent) means you’ve picked an “outsider” who will put a stop to Washington favoritism. Don’t believe it.

I hope “Clinton Cash” gets the attention it deserves.

Nyles Notes: The report or op-ed above just gives you the tip of the iceberg into the Clinton’s activities and couple theirs with other members of their corrupt, greedy progressive cartel you have a country who’s government is no longer ” A government for the people and by the people ” but one that is for the corrupt greedy élite and by the corrupt greedy élite. Now if you can digest the facts above and consider what the Clinton’s have done with their status before just imagine what your country will be like with Queen Hillary one the throne.

Have a very nice weekend

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

Nyle Clay—-Matthew 1626

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