Clinton threatens blackmail throws Washington into chaos

Clinton threatens blackmail

Clinton threatens blackmail – liberal élite are horrified

“Clinton threatens blackmail”, by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report

This report on Clinton threatens blackmail, is going around Washington and being repeated by officials in trembling fear. Just what the Clintons have on Washington insiders isn’t completely known but many players seem to be. I have also heard rumors and pundits speculate on the Clinton’s having blackmail information that would be damaging to a lot of careers. What secrets do the Clintons possess and how long have they been collecting information? Some say the info has been collected over 25 years. This is one reason Hillary and her money people are working so hard against Mr. Trump. If she’s not elected, everybody’s going down. Wouldn’t that be great to get rid of so many corrupt political and business leaders at the same time?

Watch this video and watch for an inkling on the nightly news. Hillary probably has them by the short hairs too. Start asking questions.

By the way, voters who want to see the first woman President, Hillary is not the one. Just wait, a good one will come along soon. One we’ll all be proud to vote for. Now get on the Trump Train to Trump Ville and get Donald Trump in the Whitehouse. Hillary Clinton is too dangerous to be in charge of our lives. Just say No to Hillary, let’s go with a true Patriot who loves America. Donald J Trump.

Clinton threatens blackmail“, by Mike Dukes editor, Trumpville Report

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