BOOM! If Trumps Wins, The Clintons Go To Jail!

Clintons Go To Jail

Clintons Go To Jail When Trump Wins

by Mike Dukes editor-in-chief Trumpville Report

It is no secrete that the Clinton’s reign of terror will soon be over. When the he Clintons Go To Jail! As soon as Mr Trump is sworn is as the 45th president of the United States things will begin to change. President Trump will make changes immediately all for the good of America. I’m sure they will all receive fair trials, but if convicted they will be incarcerated.

I would like to see Chris Christie become Attorney General, he has the moxy needed to press high faulting officials and get to the bottom of their treasonous actions and bring them to justice. We were just one election away from losing this country and people are waking up to that cold hard fact/ This is no longer politics as usual. We snooze, we loose. Wear a red jacket or shirt when you vote so we can see how many of us are voting for Trump. Let’s show the world.

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by Mike Dukes editor-in-chief Trumpville Report

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