MYSTERY GROWS ! – DOJ Officials and the Clinton Foundation

Clinto Foundation and DOJ corrupt

Secrets surface, – Justice Department (the DOJ Officials) and the Clinton Foundation

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report

US Department Of Justice Blocked FBI Investigation Into Potential Public Corruption at Clinton Foundation. Why is the DOJ covering for the Clintons?

Top officials at the Department of Justice reportedly denied the FBI’s request to conduct an investigation into potential public corruption at the Clinton Foundation earlier this year.

CNN Justice Correspondent Pamela Brown reported that a bank notified the FBI with concerns about suspicious activity surrounding accounts associated with a foreign donor to the Clinton Foundation.

“So, what the FBI wanted to do, earlier this year, is open up a case and investigate whether there was a conflict of interest at the time that donor was making contributions to the Clinton Foundation, during [Hillary] Clinton’s tenure at the State Department,” Brown said.

The FBI, along with officials at three DOJ field offices, then met with top officials at the Justice Department and reportedly requested permission to launch a full public corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Brown says at the meeting there was disagreement between the DOJ field offices and the main Justice Department officials over whether an investigation should be opened. The top DOJ officials argued against opening the investigation and ultimately squashed efforts to move forward with the proposed probe.

However, Brown’s report also indicates that the DOJ investigation into Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was also discussed at this meeting. Top DOJ officials reportedly gave permission for the case involving McAuliffe to go forward. Very interesting!

In May, news broke that the DOJ was conducting an investigation into potential illegal contributions to McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign. Reports also indicated federal investigators were probing McAuliffe’s time on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative, which is part of the Clinton Foundation. One major donor to the McAuliffe campaign also pledged $2 million to the Clinton Foundation.

When questioned by reporters back in May, McAuliffe said while he was unaware of the scope investigation, he was sure it had “nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation.”

So why did the Justice Department officials decided against an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, after the FBI requested the agency open a case into allegations of corruption stemming from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state?

Justice Department’s public integrity unit declined to pursue the probe given what it characterized as insufficient evidence, according to a CNN report.

The State Department’s seemingly preferential treatment of foundation donors under Clinton’s leadership has raised questions about whether she and her aides, ignored conflicts of interest in order to help the charity’s most generous donors. Emails made public have deepened suspicions that donors were afforded access and favor that other outsiders could not get from the agency.

FBI Director James Comey declined to comment on whether the FBI’s reported investigation of the Clinton Foundation had concluded with a separate probe into Clinton’s emails. For months, reports had hinted at a widening FBI inquiry related to the philanthropy’s foreign activities.
THREE FBI offices wanted full-scale criminal probe into Clinton Foundation – but still, Loretta’ Lynch’s Department of Justice refused to give it to them.

More and more details are coming out about the FBI wanting to investigate the Clinton Foundation, but the Department of Justice turning the agency down.

CNN reports that all three FBI field offices were in agreement and wanted an investigation launched earlier this year, but the Loretta Lynch-led DOJ pushed back pointing to a preliminary investigation done by the Clinton Foundation a year before after the book ‘Clinton Cash’ was released.

At that point, not enough evidence was there to launch a case, and some at the Justice Department feared the request for a fresh investigation would look politically-motivated, especially in light of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

As new Hillary Clinton emails were released, CNN reported that the FBI had asked the Department of Justice to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

The initial news of the Justice Department going against the FBI’s wishes was buried in a CNN story that detailed the latest release of Clinton’s emails to the public at the hands of the conservative watchdog, Judicial Watch.

The organization released 296 pages of Clinton’s emails including 44 that the former secretary of state didn’t initially hand over to the State Department, Judicial Watch said.

These new conversations shed light on how intertwined Clinton’s State Department was with her family foundation.

In one highly-cited example, the now-former head of the Clinton Foundation, Doug Band, reaches out to Clinton’s top State Department aides, including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, in April 2009 and notes that it’s ‘important to take care of’ a particular person whose name has been redacted.

Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin responds in the affirmative to a request from the Clinton Foundation head to introduce a donor to the government’s top expert on Lebanon

In another exchange that year Band requests that Abedin and Mills put Gilbert Chagoury, a longtime buddy of Bill Clinton’s who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation, in touch with ‘the substance person in Lebanon’ at the State Department.

‘It’s Jeff Feltman,’ Abedin replied, according to the emails. She was referring to Jeffrey Feltman, who was then the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon. ‘I’m sure you know him. I’ll talk to jeff,’ she said, seemingly following orders.

The Clinton campaign was quick to push back on the insinuations drawn from the cozy conversations contained in the emails.

‘Neither of these emails involve the secretary or relate to the Foundation’s work,’ said Clinton campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin in an emailed statement to the network. ‘They are communications between her aides and the President’s personal aide, and indeed the recommendation was for one of the Secretary’s former staffers who was not employed by the Foundation,’ he continued, referencing ex-President Bill Clinton.

Additionally, the Clinton campaign said, Chagoury had wanted to offer insights to the Lebanon point person at the State Department about the country’s forthcoming election and wasn’t looking for any kind of favors.

The campaign then went after Judicial Watch, whose dogged inquiries and Freedom of Information Requests led to the discovery of Clinton’s private email system, which has caused her a political headache throughout her presidential campaign.

‘The right-wing organization behind this lawsuit has been attacking the Clintons since the 1990s and no matter how this group tries to mischaracterize these documents, the fact remains that Hillary Clinton never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the Clinton Foundation,’ Schwerin said.

Yeah right!

Another tidbit came to light, that Clinton’s State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills visited New York in 2012 and interviewed two executives for a top position at the Clinton Foundation.

Over the past two decades, the foundation has been used by the Clinton family to acquire a fortune of over $130 million.

Additionally, the foundation has been a front as a pay-to-play organization to gain political connections with corrupt international billionaires and political regimes.

This cozy arrangement was called ‘volunteer work for a charitable foundation’ by Mill’s lawyer, according to CNN.

The State Department said it was personal time.
The Clinton campaign again forcefully pushed back on the perception that there was double-dipping going on between Foggy Bottom and the foundation.

‘It was crystal clear to all involved that this has nothing to do with official duties,’ the campaign’s statement read. ‘The idea that this poses a conflict of interest is absurd.’

That hasn’t stopped the Trump campaign from having fun with the emails’ revelations and CNN’s reporting that the Justice Department had declined to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

‘Once again, the Department of Justice has protected Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year the DOJ denied a request from the FBI to investigate her pay-to-play, corrupt Clinton Foundation,’ team Trump wrote in an email to supporters.

‘News of its rejection comes immediately after leaked emails exposed a concerning link between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department!’ the plea continued.

‘It’s time to put an end to her career of corruption. Now!’ the email said.

I’m sure most Americans agree. It’s time to put a stop to the Clintons Corruption!

The Clinton’s have “served” as political figures for over 26 years, and have gotten extraordinarily wealthy “serving” on a politicians salary, supposedly. Hillary was quoted as saying, they were broke when they left the Whitehouse. How can it be now that the Clinton’s are extremely wealthy? Simple, Pay to Play Politics.

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report

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