Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and her ‘MYSTERY MAN’

Clinton and her mystery man

Hillary Clinton and her Mystery Man

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and her mystery man. ‘He’s very physical with her. He touches her. He has his arm around her’ America wants to know: Who is the “mystery man” attached at Hillary Clinton’s hip while she campaigns for the White House? He’s been on the stage, in her plane, by her side and following her everywhere she goes. He touches her often, wrapping his arm around her or helping her up stairs, and responds immediately when Clinton has one of her coughing fits. *SEE ‘FEATURE PICTURE’ ABOVE, Notice his manner as the Mystery Man touches her. Palm strength insures more ‘support’, than comfort

Some speculate he could be a physician on hand in case Clinton experiences a health emergency, a possibility considering nearly 71 percent of physicians informally surveyed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons said concerns about Clinton’s health are “serious” and “could be disqualifying for the position of, president of the U.S.”

The ‘mystery man re-appeared Thursday in new video in which he’s shown tailing the Democrat nominee, who is shielded from view as she exits her van:

Clinton and her mystery man-2
The ‘mystery man re-appeared Thursday in new video in which he’s shown tailing the Democrat nominee, who is shielded from view as she exits her van:

In fact, the man has been apparently tailing the Clintons since at least January of 2013 – more than two years before Hillary announced her run for president. He was reportedly spotted in a vehicle with former President Bill Clinton three years ago,according to London’s Daily Express. A photo caption said the two were leaving the New York Presbyterian Hospital after visiting Hillary, who was receiving treatment for a blood clot in her head that was discovered following a concussion.

The “mystery man” can be seen in this photo published by the U.K. Express, which said former President Bill Clinton was leaving the New York Presbyterian Hospital after visiting his wife in 2003

After Clinton suffered the worst coughing fit of her campaign Monday, the “mystery man” suddenly appeared on her plane.

In the past, the same mystery man has been spotted helping Clinton climb stairs:

Clinton and her mystery man
Hillary Clinton being helped up the stairs. The “mystery man” is to her left

Clinton and her mystery man

Hillary Clinton being helped up the stairs. The “mystery man” is to her left, (pictured).

At an earlier campaign appearance, the same man was reportedly seen holding what some say appears to be a Diazepam pen, though others argue it actually resembles a mini flashlight.

Radio host Tammy Bruce made an appearance Wednesday on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” in which she discussed Clinton’s “mystery man.”

“He actually moves other Secret Service agents off the stage,” Bruce noted. “We have not been informed who he is so we have to guess, in some way, who he is. But he seems to be playing a very personal role. He appears when she seems to be in trouble, either with the coughing or with some health issue or … in her own personal reaction to what was a heckler … It’s troubling because you’ve got a man who is also doing something that the Secret Service wouldn’t do. He’s very physical with her. He touches her. He has his arm around her. … It’s a legitimate question. Her health is legitimate.”

But former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who protected President Barack Obama and is the author of the New York Times bestseller “Life Inside The Bubble: Why A Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From It All,” said he believes there’s a simple explanation, and that explanation doesn’t rule out serious health concerns surrounding Clinton.

Bongino told Fox Business on Thursday: “He’s most likely a supervisory agent with the Secret Service who is what we would call kinda like a body man.”

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In one campaign rally incident, protesters grew rowdy. The “mystery man” rushed the stage, put his hands on Clinton and then muttered to her, “Keep talking.” Some have insisted that the “mystery man’s” behavior was unlike that of a Secret Service agent.

“I’m not really sure why he said, ‘Keep talking,’” Bongino said. “It seems kind of strange. That would be more of a staff function. But, as for responding to the stage when she’s in, what may have been a medical crisis, that’s not really unusual at all. … About 50 percent of what we (Secret Service agents) do is first respond to (inaudible) medical training, so I’m not really surprised that some of them would pounce on the stage if they thought something might be wrong medically.

“Although I bet the staff, given the implications of this, is probably telling him to back down a bit. There’s always friction with the staff on this stuff, because they don’t want this out there that she has a medical problem.”

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino’s comments:

Bongino added, “I’m pretty sure he’s just doing his job with the Secret Service. … He’s probably super uncomfortable right now with all this attention.”

Secret Service agents are, in fact, trained in “emergency medicine,” according to the agency’s website.

Author Henry Holden explains in his book, “To Be A Secret Service Agent”: “Johns Hopkins (medical) University liaisons are at the Secret Service’s Beltsville training location, where agents complete initial medical training and later recertification. Hopkins supports first-responder training for all personnel and advanced training (to the emergency medical technician or paramedic level) for selected agents.”

The Washington Post’s David Weigel identified the “mystery man” as Secret Service Assistant Special Agent in Charge.

But with a little investigation, you will find Hillary’s “mystery man”, is Oladotun Okunola MD.

Oladotun Okunola, MD is a practicing Neurologist in Morristown, NJ. Dr. Okunola graduated from Howard University College of Medicine in 2001 and has been in practice for 9 years. Dr. Okunola also specializes in Psychiatry. He now practices at Neuroscience Center of N NJ PA and is affiliated with Morristown Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Oladotun Okunola, MD is board certified in Clinical Neurophysiology and Neurology. He has special ability in 9 areas:Alzheimer’s Disease

Epilepsy, Essential Tremor, Insomnia, Migraine Disorders, Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis Narcolepsy, and Parkinson Disease

Currently, Dr. Okunola specializes in Neurology and has over 15 years experience.

What do YOU think? Will Hillary’s health problems impact the presidential race?

“Clinton and her mystery man”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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  1. I have identified this man not as Oladatun Okunola but as Secret Service Agent Todd Madison. Please feel free to contact me for more information or with any questions.
    -secret squirrel


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