Clash of Civilizations – Proof why this belief system must be BANNED

Clash of Civilizations

Clash of Civilizations

Allen West: Muslim mother just proved why this type of belief system must be BANNED
This is not about a religious pursuit, even though the enemy sees it as one. This is about a clash of civilizations, cultures, and there could be no clearer delineation between that which is right, and that which is dark, evil.

As Written By Allen B. West:

We may all be created equal, but not all cultures are equal. Now, you can bet progressive socialists are already seething at those words, blood is spewing from their eyes and they’re frothing at the mouth. But it is true. This is  clash of civilizations.

America is an exceptional nation that offers liberty and freedom, and an ability to pursue our dreams, desires, happiness — but we prefer you come here legally using the front door to do so. We welcome other beliefs and cultures, but it’s time we eschew the mindset that multiculturalism means subjugating our own culture. We’re seeing issues in Europe and some places in America where assimilation has been pushed aside for complete cultural subjugation — that is not the answer.

The following story is an example of the difference in cultures, and yes, ours is superior to this.

As reported by the New York Post, “A Pakistani woman was arrested Wednesday after dousing her daughter with kerosene and burning her alive, allegedly because the girl had defied her family to marry a man she was in love with, police said.

Police official Sheikh Hammad said the killing took place in the eastern city of Lahore, the country’s cultural hub, and that the mother was arrested the same day.

The suspect, Parveen Rafiq, has confessed to tying her 18-year-old daughter Zeenat Rafiq to a cot, after which, with the help of her son, Ahmar Rafiq, she poured the fuel on the girl and set her ablaze, Hammad said.

Nearly 1,000 women are killed each year in so-called “honor killings” in Pakistan for allegedly violating conservative norms on love and marriage. A schoolteacher, Maria Bibi, was assaulted and set on fire last week for refusing to marry a man twice her age. Before she died, she managed to give a statement to police, testifying that five attackers had broken into her home, dragged her out to an open area, beat her and set her ablaze. The prime suspect in the case — the father of the man she refused to marry — and the other four are all in custody. A month earlier, police arrested 13 members of a local tribal council who allegedly strangled a girl and set her on fire for helping a friend elope. The charred body of 17-year-old Ambreen Riasat was found in a burned van.”

Save the invectives and denigrating references you would aim towards me, and tell me if you truly believe there is equality in cultures.

What manner of madness would do this to their own progeny over whom they love? And please, spare me the anecdotes of parents here in America kicking their kids out because of disagreements over lifestyle choices. What we’re discussing here is the 21st century existence of a cultural belief system that advances and promotes a 7th century antiquated sickness. Genital mutilation and other barbaric practices that emanate from Islamic nations should be a matter of concern for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — nope, they’re still stuck on stupid, blaming Israel.

I remember when I sat down with my daughters, Aubrey and Austen, to watch the documentary “Honor Diaries.” It was a life changing moment for them. This is the real war on women. This is the real battle for equality, globally. This is why we need to defeat Islamic jihadism.

When I hear Hillary Clinton drone on about “equal pay for equal work”…I think of these women who just wanted “equal right to exist.” There is no more noble cause to bring us together. And if we want to make a difference in the Islamic world, we need to stand up for the rights of women in the Islamic world. And that means not providing foreign aid to countries which allow and condone such abhorrent behavior. It means we cannot have someone as a president who profited through her foundation by doing business with countries that so horribly denigrate and persecute women.

Recently I shared with y’all the awesome AR-15 “Crusader” presented to me by Spike Tactical out of Apopka, Florida. We run away from being called “crusaders” as if we’re ashamed, yet Islamic jihadists fully embrace that moniker. Well, I see nothing wrong about being a “crusader” for women’s rights in the Islamic world. And if that means crushing Islamic jihadists and the antiquated and medieval practice of honor killings and genital mutilation, well, sign me up. This is not about a religious pursuit, even though the enemy sees it as one. This is about a clash of civilizations, cultures, and there could be no clearer delineation between that which is right, and that which is dark, evil.

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