BREAKING: Fla. Election Worker Goes Public Claims Massive Voter Fraud

Claims Massive Voter Fraud

BREAKING: Fla. Election Worker Goes Public With Claim of Massive Voter Fraud

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

Florida Election Officials Caught Filling Out Absentee Ballots, Affidavit Alleges #FloridaFraud

Claims Massive Voter Fraud — Florida voters have complained that they have not been receiving their requested absentee ballots. We may now know the reason. According to a former Secretary of Elections Department employee, there is a secret room where Democrat insiders fill out those absentee ballots.

The woman provided her sworn testimony via affidavit.

As Donald Trump continues to claim the election process is rigged, more evidence mounts validating his claims. The latest is this report out of Broward County Florida–a very important swing state in this election.

An election volunteer has filed a sworn affidavit that states she witnessed four Supervisor of Elections (SOE) employees filling in piles of blank absentee ballots. Could this be one of the smoking guns Trump keeps referring to?

The Broward County State Attorney’s Office confirmed that this is under review by their investigators. Florida Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said the whistleblower actually witnessed SOE staff members “replicating damaged ballots.” This process entails copying information from a damaged ballot onto a clean one.

*Yet this explanation doesn’t fit with what the complaint describes below. For one, there was no mention of a canvassing board monitor, which would have been required for oversight.

The volunteer described what she’d witnessed this way:

I looked through the door window and could clearly see four SOE employees sitting at a table. Each person had a stack of documents next to them on one side and another stack on the other side, and they were all writing something on each document. Eventually an employee opened the door for me, and in a very hurried pace, allowed me in the room and told me to place my ballots on a different table. Once in the room, I could see the four SOE employees sitting at the same table actively filling out election ballots. So Claims Massive Voter Fraud are being filed in many states.

Each had a stack of blank ballots to the right of them (about an inch high) and a stack of completed ballots to their left. There were perhaps a dozen in each completed stack. I could see that the bubbles on the right stack had not been filled in, while the bubbles on the left stack had been blackened in. I could also see the employees filling in the bubbles as they moved the ballots from right to left. I witnessed this activity for over a minute.

Filling in empty bubbles isn’t the same as transferring information. And this isn’t the first time Broward County has had voting issues. Readers of a certain age will remember the “hanging chad.”

The day after witnessing this event, the volunteer was terminated and ordered to leave by security.

When I returned from lunch at 12:30, I was met by an uniformed security guard at the SOE entrance and told that I had been terminated, and was forced to immediately turn over my SOE credentials. I was warned that I was no longer welcomed in the SOE building and that I should never return. I was given no explanation for this action.

It turns out, claims of vote rigging and election fraud, which were made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during the last presidential debate, weren’t far-fetched after all. According to early published reports, vote scamming has already been witnessed—even before election day hit.

Many Claims Massive Voter Fraud Already in Progress

Nov. 8 had not even arrived, yet charges of election scamming and vote tampering has already been leveled by voters and activists across the country before the first voting booth have even opened. The establishment mass media has insisted—without any evidence other than a few isolated cases—that if any vote rigging occurred in the 2016 election it would likely be by Trump supporters.

However, according to online journalist Mac Slavo, the real story is very different. Slavo. noted that, if the latest flurry of emails leaked from the Clinton cohorts proves anything, it is that Hillary’s minions “have been actively manipulating and rigging the presidential election from the get-go.”

First Hillary conspired with the Democratic National Committee to “marginalize Bernie Sanders.” Along with billionaire George Soros, Hillary’s campaign paid agitators to provoke violence at Trump rallies to create the impression Trump supporters are violent.

“And we know from recently released John Podesta emails that [Hillary supporters] have tampered with polls.”

More Claims Massive Voter Fraud

So far, three people in Florida and Virginia have been charged with voter fraud, on Oct. 28, 2016, reported Reuters news agency. A woman in Miami was caught filling in blank absentee ballots, another woman in Dade County was caught submitting phony voter registrations, and a former Virginia man is facing 40 years in prison for four counts of felony voter registration fraud. Left unchecked this will turn into Massive Voter Fraud!

  1. In Amarillo, Texas, Lisa Houlette was shocked when checking her ballot after casting a straight GOP ticket: “As I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed . . . the Clinton/Kaine box was . . . highlighted. I tried to go back and change [this] and could not get it to work. I asked for help from one of the workers, and she couldn’t get it to go back, either. It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket.”
  2. And in Arlington, Texas, Shandy Clark had this shocking story of vote-theft trickery to tell: “I had a family member that voted this morning, and she voted straight Republican. She checked before she submitted, and the vote had changed to Clinton. She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back. They commented that it had happened.”
  3. In one bizarre case on Oct. 27 in Des Moines, Iowa, Terri Lynn Rote was arrested on a felony charge after she attempted to vote twice. She reputedly cast an early ballot at the county Election Office and a second ballot at a county “satellite” voting location.
  4. Two other suspects, identities not yet reported, are accused of casting mail-in ballots and also voting in person, but so far neither has been arrested, the Des Moines Register told readers.

This is the Clinton way! If at first, you don’t succeed CHEAT, LIE, STEAL, OR MURDER, to get your way!

Massive Voter Fraud”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

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