Hillary, I can’t remember telling a lie or cheating on America!

cheating on America

Does Hillary think she’s in the 3rd grade? Suspiciously convenient to forget.

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Hillary, I can’t remember? Sounds to me like one of two things, Alzheimer’s, or the line of a cheating spouse! I guess when you think about it, she actually was a cheating spouse of sorts, she was cheating on America!

“Hillary Clinton told federal investigators she did not recall all the briefings she received on handling government records while U.S. secretary of state because of a concussion suffered in 2012.”

This news itself is incredible. Hillary is admitting she cannot remember briefings because of her concussion. Does she remember those briefings now, or is that memory of the briefings permanently lost, like her emails?

According to the documents, which detail the FBI’s now-closed investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure at the State Department, Clinton told investigators during an interview on July 2 that she “received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation and production of records” after stepping down as Secretary of State in early 2013.

It appears that Hillary is using the concussion as an excuse to the FBI. But even this excuse is a lie because she would have received the briefings handling government records as secretary of state back in January-February 2009, when she assumed the office.

Hillary is implying that the concussion in 2012 wiped her memory of events in 2009. How convenient. What else can’t she remember? Maybe the requests for security at Benghazi and what she did during the Benghazi attack?

This also means she cannot remember reading emails with classified documents. And it means she was incapable of doing her job, which she never informed the public about until she used it as an excuse to the FBI. Maybe Comey concluded that she did not have the intent to destroy the emails because the old girl was mentally impaired and did not have the mental capacity to form an intent.

If we believe Hillary, as the Democrats and mainstream media do, then we have to conclude that the 2012 concussion wiped away parts of Hillary’s memory, such as the briefings on how to handle government records. Really?

The first question at the debates should be this: if she can remember losing memory of those briefings, then what else does she remember losing? How do you know, Hillary, what you forgot? What are the periods of time that she cannot remember?

This release of the FBI documents comes as Clinton has sought to defend herself in recent weeks from claims that she is not physically healthy enough to be president.

In January, nationally syndicated radio host and then HLN television personality Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed fear that Clinton could suffer a pulmonary embolism due to “serious” blood clotting in her leg. Dr. Pinsky reiterated his concern in a radio interview in August, telling Drew McIntyre that based on information her doctors have provided, he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

The FBI documents, released just before the Labor Day holiday weekend in the U.S., also revealed that Clinton lost several mobile phones containing emails from her private server while serving as Secretary of State.

Reuters, which first characterized her language as telling the FBI she did not recall briefings “due to a concussion suffered in 2012,” has extensively updated its story but not backed down from the fact that Clinton brought up the “health scare” as part of the defense she gave to investigators.

The State Department official who sent the first known email acknowledging the existence of Hillary Clinton’s private email server now says he doesn’t remember how or when he first learned about the former secretary of state’s use of the device.

HILLARY — is still cheating on America

Stephen Mull, who served as executive secretary at the State Department during the bulk of Clinton’s tenure, offered his hazy recollections on Friday in a deposition with attorneys from Judicial Watch.

A federal judge granted the watchdog group permission to depose Mull and other current and former State Department officials concerning the creation of Clinton’s email system and about how the agency responded to Freedom of Information Act requests.

“Do you know how you learned [about Clinton’s server]?” Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha asked Mull.

“I can’t recall, no,” Mulls responded.

“Do you recall when you learned that?” came the follow-up question.

“No. I can’t recall,” said Mull, who now serves as the Obama administration’s coordinator of the Iran nuclear deal implementation.

Uncovered emails reveal that Mull offered to provide Clinton with two BlackBerries, one of which would include “an operating State Department email account.”

At that time Clinton was using a personal BlackBerry to send and receive personal and work-related emails. She continued to do so throughout the rest of her State Department tenure.

Mull also wrote that the BlackBerry email account “would mask her identity” but “would also be subject to FOIA requests.”

Huma Abedin responded to Mull’s suggestion, writing “Let’s discuss the state blackberry, doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

In his deposition with Judicial Watch, Mull said he did not recall the Aug. 2011 email exchange. He said he was reminded of it by a report in the Washington Post. The paper reported on the email in March, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Regarding his specific statement in the email that Clinton’s identity would be masked, Mull told Judicial Watch’s lawyers that “it would have been to ensure that it was clear that Secretary Clinton’s name would not appear on the State Department’s directory.”

Mull also said that he did not recall Abedin responding that Clinton’s use of a BlackBerry didn’t “make sense.”

Mull’s deposition is the third that Judicial Watch has conducted as part of its lawsuit. The watchdog has deposed State Department official Lewis Lukens and Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills. Bryan Pagliano, the State Department information technology specialist who set up and managed Clinton’s server, has said he will plead the Fifth in his deposition.

Something must have been in the water at the state department, causing extreme memory loss! She’s been cheating on America.

I think America is sick of being called stupid!

That’s exactly what they are hoping for, that Americans are stupid and we’ll just forget the whole thing, or that we’re just to ignorant to understand.

I for one, and I’m pretty sure America is with me on this one, am sick and disgusted at how Hillary Clinton and her state department buddies think Americans are not smart enough to understand exactly what’s been going on.

And as for the FBI, they have lost the respect of the People. Their defence of Hillary Clinton and her cronies has destroyed the credibility of the once great organization.

Hillary Clinton destroys everything she touches.

She is the total opposite of Old King Midas, everything she touches dies or is obliterated, not turned to gold!

“Cheating on America”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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