Why are career politicians on both sides against Donald Trump

career politicians

Donald J Trump ! Ever wonder why career politicians on both sides of the aisle are against Donald J Trump?

“Career Politicians”, by Beverley Jane Russell, Op-ed contributor, Trumpville Report

Read this and I’ll explain it in plain simple terms .

Corruption and MONEY ! Yep you read that right money is the reason career politicians are against Trump. I’ll show you below how the money just keeps coming.

These politicians have become accustom to the life of luxury that their positions have given them .

How , you may ask is their life luxurious on a public service salary . Here’s their Salaries !

Salaries of state governors vary across the nation, from Maine’s $70,000 per year salary to New York’s $179,000 per year.

As of 2015, the base salary for all rank-and-file members of the U.S. House and Senate is $174,000 per year, plus benefits.

As of 2010, yearly salaries for United States Senators were as follows:

Career Politicians annual salaries:

  • Basic Senators (no leadership position) – $174,000
  • Majority and Minority Leaders – $193,400
  • President Pro Tempore – $223,500
  • Vice President (President of the Senate) – $230,700
  • Plus Health Insurance and Retirement.
  • Secretary of State , Salary $203,700 annually
  • Secretary of Defense , Salary $203,700 annually
  • Cabinet level positions qualify for Level 1 pay, which was set at an annual salary of $203,700 in 2015.
  • The salary of the vice president is currently $230,700. President of the United States was increased to $400,000 per year, including a $50,000 expense allowance.
  • Now with the exception of the presidential salary , most of these salaries are not TO over the top . These Salaries shouldn’t make you a millionaire or billionaire over night , but unfortunately most career politicians are at the very least millionaires !
  • Public Servants Net Worth !
  • John Kerry Net Worth: $194 million
  • Jack Lew Net Worth : $1.7 million
  • Aston Carter Net Worth : $8.2 million
  • Loretta Lynch Net Worth : $19.3 million
  • Sally Jewell Net Worth : $ 25 million
  • Penny Pritzker Net worth: $2.4 billion
  • Jeh Johnson Net worth: $51.5 million
  • Ernest Moniz Net worth: $18.1 million
  • Mitch McConnell Net Worth : $17 million
  • Harry Reid Net Worth : $10 million
  • John Boehner Net Worth : $5 million
  • Rand Paul Net Worth : $2.5 million
  • Paul Ryan Net worth: $7.8 million
  • Mitt Romney Net Worth : $250 million
  • Hillary Clinton Net Worth : $45 million
  • Bill Clinton Net Worth : $80 million
  • Clinton Foundation Net Worth : $223 million in 2015

How did they get so wealthy from public service salaries ? Simple , it’s called the Political Gravy Train !

Its a good ol’ boy system that has completely corrupted our Government ! It’s a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours ! “Money is the route of all Evil”, could not be more true . “Donor’s” pay big money to get what they want and our politicians have become a greedy lot ! They are elected to serve the American People and serve no one but themselves to bribes and incentives to line their pocket books !

Now as to Why they don’t want Mr Trump to win the presidency ! Because their Gravy Money Train will be derailed ! Mr Trump will uncover the little schemes and rotten politicians that wallow in the caboose of dirty politics ! Mr Trump will quickly shutdown the underhanded back room deals ! Trump will clean house and throw out all the dirt and grime that is these politicians ! This is Why the Elite Career Politicians want to stop him at all cost ! Its nothing to do with his political views or his Temperament !

It’s all about the Money!

Mr Donald Trump is an extremely intelligent gentleman , and a Giant in the world of Entrepreneurs. He is an Undeniably Successful Businessman and Admirably Loving Father !

Mr Trump will surround himself with the best of the best ! His opposer’s want to say he’ll take over and do anything he wants, hmmm makes me think of Obama !

Mr Trump didn’t get to where he is at on his own ! Yes he is the CEO of his many business endeavors but he also has a cabinet of advisors ! Trusted Advisors that he listens to carefully before he makes important decisions that effect the outcome of his endeavors !

The same immaculate way he runs his businesses is how he’ll run America ! Now to the nay sayers that want to bring up his 4 businesses that he filed bankruptcy on , I ask you this , do you know how many of his businesses was and are successful ? Hundreds! Hundreds of successful businesses all over the world !

America is a Business ! We need someone to work on bringing jobs back and protecting us while we work those jobs ! We need industry back in America ! We need trade deals that are fair ! We need factories, and manufactures ! We need production of quality American made Products ! We need our Pride back !

Plain and Simple ! We need Donald J Trump , to help us become the thriving business we once were . To put America Pride back in the White House and back in American homes and hearts ! We need less immigrants and more patriotism ! We should be extremely thankful that Mr Trump has agreed to take on the task of restoring America to the Greatness she once was ! Mr Trump doesn’t need the mess to unravel that America is and he certainly doesn’t need the money ! We need the Patriotic Heart that Mr Trump possesses as our American President. We need Donald J Trump to Make America Great Again !

“Career Politicians”, by Beverley Jane Russell, Op-ed contributor, Trumpville Report

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