A Call to Vote – God Save America From Satan’s Hillary Clinton

Call to Vote

Friends, Fellow Patriots and other Americans

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

A Call to Vote — We are in the final years of a very great experiment called the Democratic Republic, given to us by some very brilliant men who at great risk to their lives and futures gave us our country. I have not, I am very sorry to say, taken the time to take each one and examine the kind of men they were or even their motivations for risking all to form an almost perfect form of government taking all other existing or otherwise into account.

Action against Satan, Call to Vote

The one thing you can be sure of they were all Patriots in regards to what they considered their duty to provide the rights and freedoms
granted by God to their fellow countryman, woman, and child. I can assure you that today no one bothers to take the time to investigate their sacrifice, the hardships they endured, the risk they took or even that of their family. Now having used the last statement as an example of our lack, and I know it’s a stretch, of appreciation I know very few or almost none have bothered to give thanks to those brave men & their families for what we have today. We have grown to take our freedoms and right for granted believing that we not only deserve them but that we will always have the rights and freedoms provided and fought for these many generations and years gone by. For those who are students of history, you may remember Ben Franklin’s reply when a lady ask what kind of the founders had devised and presented to the people “ A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT”.

Ben Franklin understood people by his interest in the past and attention to the present. The good Dr not only used common sense but also had an inquisitive analytical mind as such had the presence to predict the future based on the motivation factors present in most all men. We have of course the main motivating factors which are greed and fear but we must also consider the nonmotivating factors which are complacency and apathy. I believe that the last two factors I just mentioned were they ones Ben Franklin was concerned about.

When designing our republic they specified and named three specific branches of government which of course the Executive, the president, the judicial, the supreme court, and the legislative, the congress & senate. Now this system of a representative form of the democratic republic will work very well if the elected representatives stay in constant touch with their constituents and act with proper ethics and honesty in accordance with their wishes. However having described what we were, at least what I was years ago, taught as three branches of government we must consider two very important considerations there were excluded. The first exclusion is there are four branches of government and not just three. The fourth being the people without which the other three will in time fail because of man’s failure to resist the motivating factor of greed. Today we are facing the warning of a very Patriotic and brilliant founding father who by virtue of his wisdom and foresight envisioned the future of our once great democratic republic. Today is the day he warned the lady about as to keeping our republic. We have two questions and only one answer, one being are we going to continue to be complacent and apathetic and number two are we going to stand up and protect our God-given rights and freedoms. If you are going to chose number two then go back to your beer and pizza and wait to be subjugated by Hillary and her progressive all controlling government. If you chose number two then get off your ass and stand up and fight for your freedoms and rights by ANSWERING THE CALL TO VOTE . The republic was established as a government of the people, for the people and by the people. You are THE PEOPLE it’s your country and your government so act like it by telling others they too should vote for America and Mr. Trump.

Together we can keep what’s ours and say NO TO HILLARY CLINTON and the NewWorld Order! Answer the Call to Vote!

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

Matthew 1626
PS If Hillary is elected president there is no tomorrow for Ben Franklin’s republic

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