Build the wall – built it strong and build it tall

Build the Wall


by Beverley Russell, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

Trump positions to build the wall and having Mexico pay for it makes perfect sense !

It’s really very simple and can be achieved easily. Naysayers says it can’t be done, so I’ll break it down in simple terms for them !

To build a secure Border Wall it starts with the red tape of the government. Cutting through the Bureaucracy will be the first step. All the legal paperwork, permits, and Mumbo-Jumbo has to be dealt with first. Pretty sure Trump can build the wall and make it happen.

Financing the Build The Wall project

First : No More Wire Transfers to Mexico !

That’s right, pass a law to make it illegal for any wire transfer company or bank to wire money to Mexico. Western Union, Moneygram, any wire transfer company caught trying to,will be heavily fined or shut down all together! When America stops the financial support to Mexico things will change. There is no significant social programs provided by the state in Mexico. Illegals work for cash and wire it home to Mexico. Approximately $24 billion a year is sent to Mexico from Mexican nationals working in the United States. Can you imagine how much better off America will be with $24 billion going to tax paying American workers?

America is Mexico’s welfare system !

Second : Trade tariffs, any tariffs impacts on the price imports will be more than made up for by the increased production in the United States. Mexico needs access to our markets much more than we do to theirs. America is the leading import / export to Mexico, if you impose tariffs Mexico will lose more than it costs to build a Wall and will indeed agree to America’s conditions. If a country has a large trade deficit with another country, it means they are selling more to said country. This means they stand to lose a lot more from enforcing tariffs.

We need Mexico to pay to play !

Third : Visas , Green cards , and increase Visa fees!!! America provides hundreds of thousands of Mexico Visas every year! These visas lead to an onslaught of over-stay illegal immigrates that work tax free and wire money home to Mexico! In Fact America is Mexico’s poverty welfare program. These Visas need to be canceled and NEED TO STOP !

Mexico is also the single largest recipient of U.S. green cards, which leads a path to American Citizenship. Keep in mind America has taken in 4x more migrants than any other country. Thus making lower wages and higher unemployment for our own citizens!

An increase in Visa fees, even a small increase will pay for the Wall! Including border-crossing cards, business and tourist visas. When Companies and business people have to pay larger fees to enter the U.S., trade will slowly diminish for Mexico and they’ll beg to pay for the Wall.

No more freeloading off America !

What a lot of Americans are not thinking of is, America is the life and soul of Mexico. Mexico does more trade with America than any other country by leaps and bounds! Mexico receives more green cards and visas to America than any other country . Cut out Americas involvement in Mexico and who can they turn to? Guatemala? Belize? Think about it. America is Mexico’s #1 financial support system!

Donald J Trump is 100% correct when he says build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexico needs America much more than America needs Mexico!

With only these 3 steps Mexico will pay for the Wall !

Mexico has taken advantage of America with its gangs, drug traffickers and cartels freely moving across America’s open borders , committing numerous crimes inside the United States. While the United States has shouldered the outrageous expense of these criminal activities, including the cost of trials , incarcerations, and even greater cost of human life !

So next time someone challenges you on Trump Building A Border Wall , you have all the information to support Trumps Decision of Building and making Mexico pay for the Wall .

Donald J Trump will Make America Great Again !

by Beverley Russell, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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