BREAKING NOW! America has had enough! Hillary is a law breaking elitist?

America has had enough

In search of Hillary’s honesty and justice

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report reporter

America has had enough! — How Many Laws must Hillary break before the Leftwing Government is forced to indict her? With new emails being released almost daily this maybe the time. If she’s elected her disdain for the law and order will cause America to collapse in on itself weighted down with corruption and despair.  Lairs are condemned throughout the Bible. There’s a reason for that. Look at today’s politics, they are set up to define a privileged class to rule the masses. Hillary will become a dictator like ruler, she will disarm us and take away our reason for living, all to benefit herself. 

America has had enough!

HOW MANY hundreds of Laws Must Be Broken before Hillary Clinton, a Presidential candidate, can be charged for criminal wrongdoing? America has had enough!

HOW MANY classified emails, documented & investigated by the U.S. Federal Bureau Of Investigation, does it take to prove that she intentionally transmitted them over a non-secure server?

HOW MANY thousands of those classified emails must be publicly released before it becomes crystal clear that the former Secretary of State has been involved in illegal activities for many years?

How many millions upon millions of dollars in illegal foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation by Islamic countries must be uncovered, in order to convince a potential Hillary voter that the people to whom Hillary pledges her allegiance are certainly NOT… We the People of the United States of America?

HOW MANY acquaintances of the Clintons, and witnesses scheduled to testify against the Clintons, how many must DIE, how many will ‘apparently commit suicide’… just prior to the date of their testimony, for a rational mind to surmise that these are NOT coincidences at all?

HOW MANY millions of partial, or full term abortions must be performed before Blacks & Hispanics realize that Planned Parenthood, fully backed by Hillary, is nothing more than a government endorsed homicide program… engaging in the willful murder of unborn children, for the sole purpose of minority population control? America has had enough!

HOW MANY brave Men & Women of the military, the police force & our fire fighters, who put their lives in the line of duty… how many must die, how many must be denied the help & support they are counting on their government to give them, before they wake up and finally say ‘Screw this! What the hell are we fighting for? We’re DONE!’

HOW MUCH CORRUPTION must a free society endure before it realizes that it is FREE NO MORE? America has had enough!

Vote for Donald Trump on November 8! Regional indicator for USARegional indicator for USARegional indicator for USA

Donald J Trump

-by Gary Pecorella

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