Bought and Paid for Mega Media is actually a Super Pac for Hillary

Bought and Paid for Mega Media

You can not trust the Bought and Paid for Mega Media!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Mega Media — First, let’s look into Mr. Lester Holt. He clearly cheated for Hillary Clinton. Videos have surfaced, of Mr. Holt, wearing an earpiece, which is 100% against rules laid out for the debate. Also, videos have surfaced of a (CLEANER) mysterious man retrieving a folder, from Hillary Clinton’s podium and handing to Holt, directly after the debate. Then there are those pesky photos of Hillary, in which she seems to be wearing an earpiece also. And now, some think Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt had some signals to communicate during the debate. There were numerous times, Hillary would scratch her face, nose, or chin, and at that time Holt would change the subject or interrupt Trump. Poker players!

Now let’s take a look at the debate polls. I waited 4 hours after the debate to check polls, 13 different polls had Trump winning the debate by 60-80%, 2 polls however had Clinton winning by 80%, the ones that had Hillary up, was none other than CNN and MSNBC.

Curious isn’t it?

How can 13 polls be so wrong, and the other 2, right? The answer seems to be a Bought and Paid for Mega Media!

They aren’t wrong! Trump clearly won the debate and CNN and MSNBC are doing exactly what they’ve done since the beginning of this presidential race, LYING! We do not have to accept these lies, for we know the Truth, CNN and MSNBC are bought and paid for by, the Clinton’s and George Soros.

Lester Holt is a shill. Haven’t heard the word shill? Here’s what a shill is. Let’s look up what shill is in the dictionary.

Shill: “A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense of sincerity when in fact he is being paid for his services.” via Urban Dictionary.

  1. Lester Holt’s moderating was bogus. Let’s take a look at these two facts.
  2. Lester Holt asked Trump 15 questions exclusively.
  3. Lester Holt asked Hillary Clinton 2 questions exclusively.
  4. Lester Holt also asked six questions of both candidates, but totally lit into Trump on everything.

Clinton Campaign Staffer ADMITS Hillary Wore Earpiece During Debate.

According to multiple news outlets and internet speculation, Hillary Clinton was wearing a secret earpiece during the debate on Monday, despite it being against the rules.

It has now been confirmed by an anonymous staffer on the Clinton campaign, that Hillary broke debate rules by wearing a secret earpiece so that she could be fed information on the fly.

“Because of her failing health, we were extremely worried about the answers she might give, or that she would get confused about the questions,” said the staffer. “Yes, the internet is right, she is, of course, wearing a mic pack under her jacket, as was Trump. But tied into that, we also were able to wire in a thin, flesh-colored ear piece so that we could feed her the answers.”

According to the staffer, whose story has been confirmed by at least 3 other members of the Clinton campaign, Hillary hired a team of more than 20 people to sit at a remote location just about a mile away from the debates, where they were watching both via cable and live feed, and could prompt her with responses as needed, as well as pull up information “in which to bash Trump.”

So far, the Hillary camp has not commented on the earpiece or given any response to the internet firestorm.

RUDY IS MAD AS A WET HEN, and Just Exposed Lester Holt as the WORST Moderator Ever.

Lester Holt is getting rightfully slammed for his obvious bias in the presidential debate.

There was one moment that was especially bad, and Rudy Giuliani is livid about it.

When Trump mentioned how he is a fan of “Stop and Frisk” policies, Holt jumped in and INCORRECTLY STATED that “Stop and Frisk” was ruled unconstitutional.

Rudy said NOT SO FAST!

Here is what Rudy Said:

“Stop and frisk is perfectly constitutional, Maybe she doesn’t understand Terry versus Ohio. It’s perfectly legal. There were 600,000 stop and frisk events in New York. The success rate produced a lower percentage of gun violence events. The case went up on appeals and after review,  the offending judge was removed from the case.”

Rudy went on to compare Lester Holt to the infamous Candy Crowley. In case you don’t remember her, she was the slob, (oops I called a woman a bad name), who moderated the last Romney vs. Obama debate.

Crowley jumped into “fact-check” Romney and was proven wrong after the debate, but the damage had already been done.”

Crowley went down in history as the worst moderator ever, UNTIL THIS DEBATE!

This is where Rudy proved Lester Holt was WRONG about “Stop and Frisk” being unconstitutional!

He called Lester “Candy Crowley”… HAHA!

Once again, Lester Holt, stop, and frisk is going on right now. It’s approved by the united states supreme court. The decision is written by Chief Justice Earl Warren. If a police officer has reasonable suspicion you’re committing a crime, or about to commit a crime, they have right to stop you and search you, if they find a gun, they can take the gun away from you. That is constitutional. If they do it with a racial profiling, that is what is called unconstitutional.

BOOM! Rudy is the man, and Trump needs to make him the Attorney General.

As I said you cannot trust the mega media! Thank God we have internet sites such as Trumpville telling us the truth. Still, a lot of the older generation doesn’t have the internet, or can even use it. They get their information from the television only. This is when you should try and inform these citizens, of exactly what is going on. Take the time to tell Senior Citizens the truth. Take time to show them the facts, the videos, and reveal to them just how corrupt TV actually is.

For the sad fact is, Your future depends on it!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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