Bill O’Reilly Railroaded by Feminist? War on Men Casualty?

Bill O'Reilly Railroaded

Was Bill O’Reilly Railroaded by false Feminist Accusations?

by Vincent Creamer Trumpville Report News Contributor

Good morning Trumpsters… They have finally taken Bill O’Reilly off the top of the mountain. I would not be surprised if Fox news takes a huge ratings hit. In fact, I will go a step further.

I think that OAN or Newsmax should be on the phone right now making a play for O’Reilly and sign him for half of what he was making with Fox News. Bill O’Reilly could take one of these smaller networks to the next level…  I am pretty sure that Bill O’Reilly is no choir boy and I am sure he has said and done some things that could be considered sexual harassment, but I think these women are out for a paycheck. Is it right what he did? Probably not… but whatever happened to just ignore someone when they say things that might be offensive to you.

I don’t think Bill O’Reilly would continue to harass someone that was vocal and went to management immediately when he said something. They could have told O’Reilly to cut it out. I think these women instead of going directly to their boss that they could bait O’Reilly and take him to the bank.

It’s ultimately O’Reilly’s fault. With that being said it’s also possible this could have been a set up too. In a world where everyone is suing everyone, I think they need to redefine what constitutes damages in the court of law and what is just shop talk. If I said something off color about a female and she came up to me and said Vince I don’t appreciate that comment you said about me or that joke offended me I would get the message. 

The problem is people take advantage of this system of justice where you can sue for anything you want. My boss was tough on me because he felt I was not working to my potential so he fired me. So instead of accepting what your boss told you. You hire an Attorney and say you got fired because your boss was abusive and too demanding.

Next thing you know the business just settles out of court just because they didn’t want the bad press and paying a few thousand out of court saves them Tens of thousands later in court costs and attorney fees.

Some of the lawsuits out there you may as well call it blackmail. If you don’t pay me this I am going to sue you. Over 60% of lawsuits get settled before they even get to trial. Don’t get me wrong… There are valid lawsuits every day… but the majority are just looking for a payoff or their ten seconds of fame.

“Was Bill O’Reilly Railroaded”,  by Vincent Creamer Trumpville Report News Contributor

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