Nation Divided – Baltimore Riot Explained

Baltimore Riot Explained

The Government works hard to keep our Nation Divided and we’ve had enough of it!

Keven T. Mcmanus, Nashville Tenn. ‘operations manager’, Trumpville Report

Baltimore Riot Explained — I thought the civil unrest was over, I thought it was waning. I was wrong the government is still stoking the fire, and paying agitators. This administration will keep us apart, fighting each other. Until they can declare Marshall Law and take our guns.

Only one man, Donald Trump, knows how to fix this mess with real hope and change for everyone. Trump has the will to get it done, and he loves this country. Don’t believe the lies about him. The more you know about him the more you will like him. Hillary will continue to do the things our black president has done and lead us to the New World Order. You remember from church about the ‘mark of the beast’?So join us to fight against liberals and the NWO and Globalism.

Now for the first time in pictures, Baltimore Riot Explained. See how Liberals work to keep blacks on the plantation, and who the actual players are. Enjoy! Our government has chosen black people to use against good Americans to split us up and conquer us. This is our last chance to join forces to defeat the greatest evil of our time.

Baltimore Riot Explained

black riots


black riots-2

Baltimore Riot Explained — Here’s how it started. This is actually more Black on Black crime and your former hero is the instigator. Vote against Democrats before this goes any further. Help us take this country back and let Donald Trump clean up our Government once and for all.

black riots-3

Keven T. Mcmanus, Nashville Tenn. ‘operations manager’, Trumpville Report

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