America is no longer safe

no longer safe


by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

This message is for those of you who STILL might be thinking that all of the HORROR going on in the world is NOT going to come here to America.Do you think you are somehow IMMUNE because you live in a somewhat normal town, you have a nice house, a car & an iPad? Because you go to work, you mow the lawn on Sunday, you watch your favorite TV shows & you go to Disney World on vacation?If you feel everything is honky dory and are having a Kumbaya moment… PLEASE, Get off your meds and get REAL!! LISTEN UP!! We are no longer safe. 

No longer safe

RADICAL ISLAM IS ALREADY HERE! Have you been watching the NEWS lately?? Do you not see that YOU, your family and your loved ones are at this very moment in GRAVE DANGER???

DID YOU KNOW that the Obama administration… which includes Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, EXPUNGED ALL RECORDS of suspected Muslim terrorists who were under FBI investigation? All of them! Just like Hillary’s EMAILS!

THAT makes OBAMA and HILLARY DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RECENT MASSACRES in San Bernardino AND Orlando! That in itself is aiding and abetting the Enemy. TREASON!!

Did you notice how Obama and Hillary both REFUSE to even call the Enemy by its name: radical Islam? Why is that?

Hillary and Obama know we are no longer safe that’s their plan

Are you aware that Hillary Clinton has accepted over 140 MILLION DOLLARS in campaign contributions from Middle East Arab countries that sponsor terrorism? With donations like that, TO WHOM DO YOU THINK HILLARY PLEDGES HER ALLEGIANCE TO??

Did you know that Syrian refugees are being brought into this country every day IN SPITE OF the grave terrorist threat that they pose?

Do you realize that this administration has ordered U.S. Border Patrol agents to STAND DOWN and to allow illegal aliens, among them criminals, murderers, drug dealers, terrorists and rapists, to cross over our southern border with Mexico at will?

Do you realize that it is the American people, YOU… who are footing the bill $$$ to feed, house & provide healthcare to ALL of these refugees and illegal aliens?

Are you aware that there are AT LEAST 26 terror training camps on U.S. soil where Jihadis are honing their killing skills?

Have you heard that there are already NO GO ZONES in several cities throughout our country, and in which the Muslim population is trying to establish Sharia Law??

DO YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND that Hillary is planning to bring hundreds of thousands MORE REFUGEES into our country?

It MUST be obvious to any logical thinking person at this point that OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT STANDS WITH & SUPPORTS ISLAM… THEY ARE NOT WITH US!!

This is no longer about an election, this is about survival! Either we have a country or we don’t.

SO if you truly understand this EVIL that is slithering its way into our culture, then WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?


We NEED a Leader who will protect us. That man is our NEXT POTUS Donald J Trump

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Donald J Trump / Mike Pence
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by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

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  1. Vote Trump Pence and Make America Great and Safe Again for Everyone! And all American’s Pray!

  2. As my memory serves me, Gary Pecorella, there are 21 locations in the USA which practice Sharia Law. Congratulations on getting your well-written articles published!


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