Americans Mass Behind Trump – Public Against Hillary Clinton

Against Hillary Clinton

Americans Mass Behind Donald Trump Public Against Hillary Clinton

buster40c commentator

Hitlery will be toast before long. I think those in charge see that the mass public is against Hillary Clinton and she couldn’t honestly fill the seats anywhere she campaigns. Geese, they have more on her than Nixon ever had against him. I really think she will be dropped before long. I think the plans are already in place. Even Bill is coming under fire from his past. Too much dirt is covering the two of them for the masses to vote for the Clintons again. I don’t think there is enough bath water to cleanse their dirt off. That’s my opinion anyway.

But then again some people are uninformed beyond belief and Hitlery should have been imprisoned for treason already so the future involving her is really unknown.

Reading that link I would like to know how she got into those SAP files in the first place. Sounds like some inside help or hacking took place. Oh, what a web they weave. Being against Hillary Clinton isn’t hard when you know a little about her.

SavageGuy – Hillary is slipping. With her health issues, emails, pay-for-play and everything else she’s going downhill……. She lies, that’s why Americans are Against Hillary Clinton, and they are coming to Donald Trump in droves. It’s going to be ugly folks.

buster40c commentator

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