Why does Hillary and Obama think they are Above the Law ?

above the law

Why is Hillary and Obama above the law ? I know I am not alone in my feelings!

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

Above the Law CORRUPTION is the description I use for our politicians who claim to represent us but are really our enemies.

MORONS is the word that comes to mind for those committed to voting for yours truly, the Butcher of Benghazi, the criminal ‘excused’ by the FBI for putting our country’s security at risk by transferring Top Secret classified information to a private email server… or to describe her in a few words, the most dishonest woman EVER to hold Public office – Hillary Clinton.

INSANITY is the name of the mental illness for those who vow to vote for this woman REGARDLESS of all the evidence that she is a LIAR, a FRAUD, has committed TREASON, and is suspect in the deaths of at least 49 people (not including the Benghazi massacre).

Above the Law ANGER is what eats me up inside when I see how both the media AND Hillary viciously attack Donald Trump for raising nearly 6 million dollars for OUR VETERANS, when they HAVE NEVER ONCE HONORED or showed compassion for ANY of OUR Brave Men & Women of the MILITARY!

PAIN is the aching in my heart for the parents, spouses and children of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods & Glen Doherty, who while under attack by Muslim terrorists were abandoned & left to die after repeated calls for help to Hillary & to Obama.

Above the Law CONTEMPT is what I hold for the ranking GOP who demanded and received Donald Trump’s allegiance to them, the Republican Party… but who refuse to reciprocate their very same allegiance to him, creating a RIFT in the Party at a critical time when they NEED to show solidarity.

HATE is the strongest emotion I feel for Obama and for THOSE who put him into office. He has weakened this country greatly and has done EVERYTHING within his power to destroy it.

HOPE is the inspiration, the ONE breath of fresh air that carries me through this turmoil. So I find myself here at the crossroads of my future, but with renewed hope for my family, for the America I love and still believe exists… Because of this one man, a man who is not a politician, who speaks the BARE TRUTH, plain and clear, who has nothing but the best interests of the People in mind, who has all the knowledge & skills to successfully rebuild our broken economy, who will honor, respect and strengthen our military, and who will restore America’s Greatness in the World.

I stand the Law and order candidate

I Stand with this One Man.. with Donald J. Trump. He is our ONLY HOPE… our LAST chance to SAVE AMERICA. We cannot afford to waste this opportunity, for it will NEVER COME AGAIN ! Our country needs Law and Order to return to and for the benefit of our citizens. No one is above the Law.

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by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

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