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Trumpville Report is Alternative Media

Trumpville Report is a top tier Alternative Media site covering the most important election since America declared our Independence. Covering the election and officially supporting our choice for President Donald Trump. We stand against the dishonest media and are considered an important voice for Mr. Trump. Join us every day as we average 3 new posts per day.

Here’s a tad about our organization. We all met through the “Patriots Network”, became volunteers on a project I created called the Trumpville Report (TvR) “Trump Ville” is what we’re going to rename Washington DC after Trump moves in and cleans it up. All of our Facebook pages together have right at 40,000 friends and members. Trumpville Facebook closed group is our main sFacebook page. Feel free to join us and ride the Trump Train to Trump Ville.

All Volunteer Staff

Yes, we are a small group of volunteers that shoulders the cost of producing and maintaining the Trumpville Report. Our time and our money just to do something for the Donald Trump administration and in turn for America. We need Mr. Trump to bring down this corrupt government and keep Killary out of the White House. The small staff at TvR isn’t here for the money. We are interested in doing all we can to get good news out on Donald Trump and do our part to make him a successful 45th President of the United states.  We do what we do out of love for God and Country. Although many of you are graciously commenting on our style and articles, we want to get better.

Micheal Dukes

I am the creator and sometimes writer for Trumpville Report. I am a retired website designer (20 years) and manage 7 websites in addition to TvR. I never voted in a primary before, that I remember, but Donald Trump really caught my eye, and heart, and I believe he is the man to get this change job done. He will straighten out this country.

Nyle Clay

My first contact was the creator, writer, and organizer of the Patriots Network, Nyle Clay. Mr Clay is an 81 year old Patriot, who has and continues to inspire us all. You can go here to get your free membership to PN and answer the call. We are a network of Patriots and want you to join us. Nyle serves as Op-ed contributor on the Report.

Beverley Jane Russell

Then I met others like Beverly Jan Russell a writer from Kentucky, Beverley used to be a Democrat, but quickly backed Donald Trump and enthusiastically too. She is a writer extraordinaire, deep research, and a punching flare that makes us want more. Senior Op-ed Columnist for TrumpvilleReport.com

Gary Pecorella

Gary Pecorella. Gary is a fierce patriot. He chooses to use dry mocking humor and tongue in-cheek awareness, like “did I just say that”? Gary is creative and get’s right to the point and nails it. Gary says, I’m a 110% Trump Supporter and an American Patriot. A Veteran of the Music Industry, and I am currently a Singer/Songwriter and Performing Artist. Add interesting writer, with a point, to your list Gary. All of your articles are well received.

Our Mission

That’s our mission and we all give freely of our time. We are trying to fill a definite void, the mainstream media is betraying every ounce of trust some people put in them. I predict all news will eventually come from grass roots News sites like Trumpville Report… Visits and page views are skyrocketing.  I have designed and built websites and e-commerce sites since 1999 and have never seen such a reaction to any of my websites. It’s almost scary to see so many people on the site at the same time and to see realize a large following has developed. You don’t have to make an account, everything is free. You don’t even have to make an account to comment.


Our Goal

A complete smart looking Newspaper site with articles devoted strictly to the 2016 showdown election, promoting Donald Trump’s positions.

Facebook Pages

We all run our own Facebook pages and contribute to the Trump Ville FB closed group. You must apply but if you love Donald Trump we;ll see that when we vet new members. We don’t allow spam or racial jokes or anything other than promoting Donald Trump. We keep it clean and try to think before we type. We report offenders promptly and make decisions accordingly.  We are interested in having our new President’s name be Donald J. Trump.

Join the Trumpville Report.

Ever want to be a journalist? Maybe you have some training and want another shot at it. If you are looking for something to do and think you would like to join us? Contact us, and if you can write or would like to try, we’ll help you get started. Go here for more information on what we expect from our writers.

We are an all-volunteer group and we are proud of being a part of helping get Donald Trump Elected. Donald Trump has acknowledged us indirectly and sends us letters. We publish some of them on the Report.

View a prophecy given to a former Firefighter in 2011

I found this uplifting and began watching this election process with new eyes. Check it out. (approx. 1-hour) If you haven’t seen this is is awe inspiring and seems to be coming true. We’ll know Nov 8th, 2016.

My first impression, of Mr. Trump, was his willingness to discuss what he knows with us and to say it in such a way that everyone listening understands and has no doubt what he means. Trump doesn’t dodge questions, he answers them. His style is his own and I like it. He’s not at all like the lawyer politicians we are used to. My wife and I entertain on our porch near the pool some evenings and I find myself wishing he’d drop by and sit around the table and talk. He seems like the kind of guy I would like as a personal friend. Don’t get me wrong, I not suffering from illusions of grandeur, I’m not under any spell, I don’t need my head examined, I just like him.

Trumpville Report is a proud member of the Patriots Network, founder Nyle Clay is a major Post contributor of “The Report”.

About our Facebook Supplement

editor note: My friends who run Facebook pages promoting Donald Trump are pitching in. Here’s my invitation to all of them to put you personal posts here first, then share them on your site. They will look a ton better. people who don’t use Facebook will see them and please spread the word among your members about this this site. Many thanks to you all.

Most of us are hungry for news and original stories featuring Donald Trump. On Trumpville Report you are invited to write your own articles promoting Donald Trump. Include pictures if you have them. If you go to a rally, we’d love to read about your experience. Or if you have something to suggest to Mr. Trump, write him a letter and post it here.

All posts will be posted on my personal Facebook page (mike dukes) and appear on the “Good Morning Daily – All is well in Trump Ville“, position on the Trump Ville Facebook page. Combined reach is around 40,000 friends and members. Follow your own story and see the reactions you get on Facebook. You can share it on your own Facebook page with your friends and others. Your article just might go viral. Please send in original copy only. If you send it you may link back to your Facebook page or website (limit 2 link backs per article, please). Everyone wins, and we hope you will participate.

About submit a post

Look for a link in the menu called “User Submitted Posts” Give it a click and fill out the form as you go. I want to assure everyone that we are not collecting your email address for any other reason that to be able to contact you about your article if need be. Many find it easier to write their article in Word or notepad, then pasting it into our form. That way your not in a hurry. Don’t forget many people will read your post, take your time and get it right, remember your name will appear as the author, so you don’t want to embarrass yourself. eh?

Guest Posts are one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks. This is when you write and publish an article on another person’s blog or website. Not only does this help you reach new potential customers, but it can also increase the authority of your website as well!

All submitted posts will be reviewed before posting on the site. We’ll check your spelling and optimize your text for Google. Yes, it should appear in Google and Bing search engines. Good luck and good writing. Here’s the Christian definition of LUCK = “When opportunity meets preparedness”

You don’t have to make an account in order to write, BUT if you do your byline will appear automatically and looks better, plus your bio will appear near the bottom of your article. If you register, be sure to keep your login info where you can find it. We do not have access to your password. If you lose it click the “Lost Password button” and get another.

Have a good time, enjoy the site and please spread the word.  May God bless you all and, god bless Donald Trump and keep him safe.

by Mike Dukes

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