Willful ignorance – Low information voters

willful ignorance

Willful Ignorance Perfect argument for Raising the Voter age

by Micheal Dukes – founder and editor of Trumpville Report

I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat at heart and do not suffer from willful ignorance I consider myself a level headed conservative Patriot.

I served during the Vietnam war in the USAF, was extremely honored to be called and proud of my service. I love America and as a Christian, I want everyone to be safe and happy. I am concerned about the use of propaganda and the lies by the American press to control those who aren’t paying attention to what is going on politically.

Willful Ignorance?

Speaking of people who aren’t paying attention. Watch these four clips and see for yourself people who vote or support a candidate blindly. It’s scary, you’ll see. Should we raise the voting age? I wonder if willful ignorance is catching on? These people are helping to decide the direction of America. It scares me.

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