Who am I, bet you can’t guess my names ?

Who Am I

WHO AM I? Can you guess my name

:Who am I”, by Gary Pecorella,Trumpville Guest Contributor

I will NOT be silenced. I will NOT be censored. I will NOT be treated as your inferior simply because I am a Christian or a Jew, whom you have labeled as infidels.

I will NOT be intimidated by your threats. I will NOT hide from you. I do NOT now, never have & never will fear you. I will NOT have my rights infringed upon because I do NOT agree with the EVIL you represent.

I will not succumb to your sickened, perverted ideology of HATE, brutality, barbarism and genocide that you mask as a ‘religion’. I will NOT allow you, with every ounce of strength I possess, to destroy my country, so long as I live and breath. I will NOT condone your ill treatment of women. I will NOT submit to your perverted ‘laws’. I will NOT allow you to fundamentally change ME or my culture.

I am appalled by the silence & lack of condemnation from those of you who call yourselves moderates… of the atrocities being committed by the radicals who represent your twisted beliefs, who further your true cause.

I am fully aware of your intentions to infiltrate, never to assimilate, but to infest and conquer lands that are NOT your own.

If you try to harm me, I will fight you on every front… in the voting booth, exposing the fraud and corruption of the traitors within my own government who collude with you, from federal agencies to Congress right on up to the White House.

… And in the streets, where I will fight you to your miserable death. You cannot imagine my wrath, my anger, or my firepower that awaits you!


I am America. I am WE the PEOPLE. I am the Militia, the Patriots, ARMED citizens of right & might who are ready to stand up & destroy the tyranny infiltrating from outside, I am the greatest military force in the world. AND within my borders.

And I stand here steadfast, fully armed & fully loaded, waiting for you, along with MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of fellow Patriots.


You have been duly WARNED 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

VOTE Donald J. Trump


“Who am I”, by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Guest Contributor

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A 110% Trump Supporter and American Patriot. A Veteran of the Music Industry, I am a Singer/Songwriter and Performing Artist.

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  1. Exceptional & Powerful. Solid as a Rock. This must be engraved inside every genuine American Patriot. No loose ends from outside. Well done Gary. Kind regards. Roland

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