Trump Poem already making a difference in our Government

Trump poem

Trump Poem

By Amanda Wiley,  Trumpville Contributing author

The election draws near and will soon come to an end,
come with me on Election Day to cast votes, for our friends.

The America we know has found the winds of change,
and everyone can agree the election of 2016 has truly been strange.

A promise of truth about our government has come to light,
Let we the people stand up and fight.

As the coverups and corruption of the Democratic Party bleeds,
the truth of it all is what we needed to see.

A hero has come to save us, he’s traveled our lands to stump,
Let’s make America great again and go vote for Donald trump!

A man of compassion and a man of grace,
he only wants America to be prosperous and safe.

He gives us the choice to make terrorists run,
protecting our second amendment and our rights to our guns.

He’ll drain the swamp to make Washington clean,
While giving us all a chance at the American Dream,

He’s not another politician feeding us full of lies,
he’s paid for his campaign without foreign ties.

He’s just a conman man, not a polished public speaker,
he tells us the truth that America has gotten weaker.

He’s seen America needs his help before it’s too late,
Now he’s standing with we the people to make America great!

A Hero has risen with us to make a stand and make things fair,
His first call of action is to repeal Obamacare!

He’s the eye of the perfect storm that needed to take place,
so let’s stand with him on November 8th, let’s once again make America great!

“Trump Poem”,  By Amanda Wiley, Trumpville Contributing author

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