Satanism is on the Rise, Many in our Government, Celebrities and Citizens

Satanism is on the Rise

Christians are aware, Satanism is on the Rise!

by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report and Daily Ragg

Who are these people that hate Trump so much? It finally dawned on me after asking myself how could people reject what Mr. Trump is doing to save this once great nation. Where did these people come from? OK, California and New York city. But where did the Hatred come from? That’s not America. And certainly, not all the people in California and New York city hate President Trump.

Our youth is being indoctrinated freely after the removal of prayer in our schools and the end of patriotism. This explains a lot of the Mysteries of the Democrat Party. The MSM are all following Satan or being influenced by him. Many of them are being used, some against their will, some may not realize it, but they are. If you are one of the good reporters that feels trapped, your services could be used elsewhere. Fighting Satan is a test from God to perfect our faith. Get busy Christians!

Wikipedia says this about LaVeyan Satanism

Satanism is on the Rise See if you recognize people by their actions and fruits

LaVeyan Satanism is a new religious movement founded in 1966 by the American occultist and author Anton Szandor LaVey. The religion’s doctrines and practices are codified in LaVey’s book, The Satanic Bible. Its core philosophy is based on individualism and egoism, encouraging an epicurean pursuit of fleshly indulgence, an eye-for-an-eye ethical code and the concept of “self-deification“. The philosophy positions itself in favor of Social Darwinism and opposes egalitarianism, (a trend of thought that favors equality for all people), seeing it as a conservator of mediocrity and decadence, and to a larger extent, the Abrahamic faiths, which are seen as lies which promote idealism, self-denigration, herd behavior, and irrationality. The philosophy seeks more draconian measures taken in the realm of law and order and may also support some forms of eugenics. The religion propagates a naturalistic worldview, seeing mankind as animals existing in an amoral universe. Sounds much like ISIS, they are worshipers of Satan, and Satanism is on the Rise.

Satanism is on the Rise Is California a Hotbed of Satanism?

LaVey established LaVeyan Satanism in the U.S. state of California through the founding of his Church of Satan on Walpurgisnacht of 1966, which he proclaimed to be “the Year One”, Anno Satanas—the first year of the “Age of Satan”. His ideas were heavily influenced by the ideas and writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, and Carl Jung. The Church grew under LaVey’s leadership, with regional grottos being founded across the United States. A number of these seceded from the Church to form independent Satanic organizations during the early 1970s. In 1975, LaVey abolished the grotto system, after which Satanism became a far less organized movement, although remained greatly influenced by LaVey’s writings. In coming years, members of the Church left it to establish their own organizations, also following LaVeyan Satanism, among them the First Church of Satan and Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church.

MaDonna, A Material Girl? Satanism is on the Rise

Satanic religion is atheistic and materialist, rejecting the existence of supernatural beings, body-soul dualism, and life after death. Practitioners do not believe that the character of Satan literally exists and do not worship him. Instead, Satan is viewed as a positive archetype who represents pride, cardinality, and enlightenment, and of the cosmos which Satanists perceive to be motivated by a “dark evolutionary force of entropy that permeates all of nature, and provides the drive for survival and propagation inherent in all living things”. The Devil is embraced as a symbol of defiance against the Abrahamic faiths which LaVey criticized for what he saw as the suppression of humanity’s natural instincts. Moreover, Satan also serves as a metaphorical external projection of the individual’s godhood.

We shall Fight you at every turn. You do realize you loose in the end right.

If you aren’t a Christian, you don’t know us. If all you see are TV evangelists and movies where the preacher is a drunk, just remember Hollywood has never portrayed us as good caring people. Why do you think the Bible Belt used to be admired for their Southern Hospitality? I have wondered, along with many other Christians just where all of these hateful people come from. Then it dawned on me that you fit the description rendered above from Wikileaks. If you are not a direct worshiper of Satan, maybe you are just being used. Breakaway.

  • With your faces contorted and fists clenched, You shout hateful slurs. Like love Trump’s Hate! You know that’s two lies yet you yell it.
  • You strike and spit on Trump Supporters.
  • Your speakers are walking whore houses.
  • Your news reports are lies because your reasoning is false lies and is selfish.
  • You claim Christians judge you, when in fact, it is you who judge us.
  • You accuse us of doing the things you are already doing. It took a while to figure this out but your party is evil. The money they accept to finance their corruption is coming straight from Satan.
  • Do you really think a young man would cut his own penis off and others threaten to do the same if they weren’t under Satan’s influence? Go figure?

We will pray and fight for you to break free, and for God to Bless President Trump and America.

We rebuke you Satan and your influence over these people in Jesus name. These are the people who need our prayers. Pray for them in great numbers, in Churches, and in your private time.

The Government leaders of the Democrat Party seem to fit the bill as do many of the protestors and even some very liberal states and cities. People are being used. We have been warned about you by God Almighty and you will only make us better stronger Christians, You are only a test for us to perfect our Christianity, something we thank you for. President Trump, who is being led by God, will lead us to victory over you all. If he falls there will be another. Being lost for eternity is a bad thing. Stop what you are doing and join us. Ask God to forgive you and accept Jesus as your Savior as we have.

Why would women want to be the subject of rituals involving many sexual partners, against your will? It’s legalized rape. ISIS is already Hell-On-Wheels. America will not succumb. Satanism will be driven out, and where you go will be up to you. Many of you have time to change your minds.

by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report and Daily Ragg

Reference: Wikipedia

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