New World Order Religious & Ethnic Cleansing is underway in America

religious & ethnic cleansing

Wake up the Alarm is going off and religious & ethnic cleansing has begun

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

Our politicians ARE AGAINST US!! WHY is it that half the population does not UNDERSTAND THIS??? I used to laugh at the conspiracy buffs, but the events of the last 8 years have crystallized for me the TRUTH about our GOVERNMENT’s ultimate goal to first CONTROL, then DESTROY our economy, thereby enabling them, in our weakened state, to strip away our freedoms & constitutional rights, one by one, squashing all resistance through legislation, open borders, creating civil unrest, and finally by military FORCE, until they have gained COMPLETE ULTIMATE CONTROL OVER OUR ENTIRE LIVES!

Did you notice there were no American Flags at the DNC Convention until complaints Flooded in?

THEY… collectively speaking, Obama, Hillary, the DNC, the GOP, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the Fed, Soros, the EU, the NWO, are all committed to working together worldwide to eradicate all forms of nationalism.

Religious & Ethnic Cleansing is in full swing

An invasion of millions of Muslims across our open borders is already in full swing right here in America. Our government is actively attempting to wipe out our Judea-Christian values & culture. It is called religious & ethnic cleansing. I call it GENOCIDE. Sound familiar? THIS IS NOT AN OPINION. Just ASK the people in France, in Great Britain, Greece, Sweden, & the Netherlands, who are all frightened to death to leave their homes, for fear of roaming Muslim mobs stealing, desecrating, defecating, beating & raping them… ask those European citizens if this is not their new daily reality. The EU does NOTHING to protect them. INSTEAD they continue bringing in more & more refugees, to cause further unrest within the populace, so they can enforce FURTHER CONTROL!! Get it??

Mr Trump knows Religious & Ethnic Cleansing is here, Vows to stop it

Donald Trump says: “If we have NO borders, we have NO country”. Do we understand the simple profoundness of this statement?

THEY ARE HERE. MORE ARE COMING. I can no longer remain silent. The media, the government’s pimp, is spewing out crap and the brainwashed ZOMBIE population of America is buying it!

If TRUMP does not win, WE ARE FINISHED! What would you do, God forbid, if that scenario actually played out?

Do you know that WE are the militia? We the People, the same folks who our government is intent on disarming?? Do you know that Congress has NO POWER to disarm the militia? Do you know that our forefathers fought and died for these very rights that most people today take COMPLETELY FOR GRANTED?

Do you care about our children and grandchildren’s future?
Do you want to trade your freedom for socialism? Or worse, communism? Do you think about what it would be like to stand in line for hours for a loaf of BREAD??

Donald Trump has awakened millions. The lazy, the ignorant, and the uninformed are still ASLEEP. Whatever results this election brings, the movement has already been set in motion. It cannot, will NOT BE STOPPED.

What will YOU do? Will you surrender everything for NOTHING? Or will you take up arms and fight the beast? I am not a young man, but I will gather my strength from my passion & my experience. And I would rather die fighting as a free man than be forced to live in a world gone mad. I won’t have any part of it!!

What if we rose up together? Our power is in our numbers. I have met many new like-minded friends here. Someday, perhaps very soon, we may all be faced with a difficult decision. I have already made mine. And I pray that millions of others are also strong, strong enough to be compelled to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. LET’S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

If we do this together, we can win. Because if we win, we survive. If not… everything good that has happened over the last few months will be a COMPLETE WASTE. That scenario, for me, is UNTHINKABLE, is UNACCEPTABLE.

God Bless Donald J. Trump, and THOSE who wish to save America, and stop religious & ethnic cleansing. I have nothing but CONTEMPT for the REST! Regional indicator for USARegional indicator for USARegional indicator for USARegional indicator for USARegional indicator for USA

by Gary Pecorella,
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  1. Our Government isn’t protecting us from ISIS, in fact they are bringing them here, they know the danger, and they still bring them here. If you live in America and you are not afraid of ISIS, you are broken. What is the NWO up too?


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