LIVE POLL:: Trump vs Hillary If you voted today, who would you choose?

trump vs hillary

Checking the pulse of the Nation – VOTE

When Trump vs Hillary – November is just a few months away.  The choice is clear. Trump stands for change. Hillary stands for more of the same, running on Obama’s third term.Much can change, and much will change from now to then, but if you voted today who would you choose? There are many articles and posts you can read here on the Trumpville Report, that could give you good information to decide.

Poll Trump vs Hillary and Share this around…

MR. TRUMP IS UP BIG TIME. Share this LIVE POLL with some of your Democrat friends and let’s get them in on this too. Let’s have a fair fight.

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The Presidential election is over and Donald J. Trump is the President Elect of the Untied States and will be the 45th President. Trumpville Report is an all volunteer Alternative Media website and was on the Frontline along with other Alternative News sites spreading the Trump message and promoting his candidacy. Our Alternative Media website will begin covering the Trump administration and other political news right away. We are anxious to get started and welcome your comments and articles. You are also invited to join our Closed Facebook Group to discuss politics with our over 20,000 members.

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  1. Obozo is very bad —worst President ever —but HilLIARy is worse. She is an accessory to murder, she is a liar, she is corrupt (check out how the money flows from her “foundation” into her private accounts) and she is an alcoholic.

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