I remember a great America – I want my country back

I want my country back

Patriotism is much better than what we have now, I remember

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

I want my country back. — I am very proud to say that I remember a Great America , I remember 30 yrs. ago how our country was booming, I remember a time when almost every family could afford at least one night out every couple of weeks sometimes more! 

I remember life feeling safe, I remember when patriotism was on every corner in every American city small or large!

I remember when people had dreams and aspired to achieve those dreams. I remember when Presidents day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans day were days everyone celebrated and respected! I want my Country back.

I remember a great America! And I want nothing more than To Make America Great Again so all grandchildren will live in a Greater America, a better America than we have now! A Great America that I remember!

I’m proud to say I support Donald Trump because he is our Greatest shot at Making America Great Again!

I’m sick of politicians and political lies ! I’m sick of fat money wall street and special interest groups owning our country with their money politicians! The last time I truly remember America Great was like I said 30 yrs ago , Guess who was President? Ronald Reagan a non-politician! The younger generation doesn’t know what a Great America is because they have never lived it. We that Remember what America was like when it was Great. If we want that back we need to vote for Donald Trump!

I want my Country back!

Mr. Trump has come to us in a time of disparity and political confusion. Hillary says he’s dangerous and not qualified. She doesn’t believe that she is supposed to run her opponent down, that’s her job. her only job it would seem.  She is a terrible communicator but I believe she would be a good dictator. Let’s not give her the chance.

I want my country back again

Yes, America was Great! Vote Trump 2016 Make America Great Again! I want my Country back for your sake!

” I want my Country back.”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

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