I am a new American Citizen – I’m voting for Mr Trump

new American Citizen

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I am a new American Citizen

by Moe Zaher, immigrant

I am a new American Citizen who has been a resident of this great country for 14 years, yet I finally just got my citizenship this week.

I arrived here legally and work 16 hours a day to support my five American children in Orange County, CA and give them the kind of life I wish I had growing up in the West Bank of Palestine.

As a refugee, I could have received free medical, food stamps, and private assistance; but I didn’t, I put my nose down and worked hard. I didn’t know English when I came here and never took a course here, yet I learned. I fought hard to assimilate into this country, I became American not in name, but in spirit. I came to love the flag of this country more than that of my birth place, not in an act of betrayal or contempt from where I come from, but out of appreciation and recognition of what opportunity that has been afforded to me and my children in this land.

Although I cannot vote in this primary, as a new American Citizen, I will be honored to vote in this General election and my vote will without a doubt be for ‪#‎Donald‬ Trump. The world no longer respects America, we have become a joke, every halfhearted attempt to stabilize or democratize, we make in the Middle East is only creating more hatred and terrorism.

Lets put America first and let the world deal with their problems on their own. We need to put ourselves first, much like the mother on the flight going down that needs to put her oxygen mask on before she can assist her child. I am a Muslim, but I am American first and I know, ‪#‎DonaldTrump‬ is the one this country needs for our future generations, Mr Trump understands the world in a way like no other. I will proudly stand by him and hope everyone of my fellow citizens will do the same! ‪#‎Trump2016‬

new American Citizen
by Moe Zaher, immigrant

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