If Hillary is sick, are her handshakes and hugs “lethal”, “contagious”?

handshakes and hugs

The wicked witch lost her shoe! Handshakes and Hugs, Karma at its best!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

How is the Democratic party gonna explain this one? Hillary Clinton is a very ill woman! The coughing fits, the short circuiting, fainting spells , and now collapsing at 911 memorial! She is sick, plain and simple! Are her handshakes and hugs “lethal”, “contagious”? Very sick, and not physically able to be President of the United States!

Her appearance is very low energy. She cannot keep up with Trump!

Is this a woman we can allow to be President? Think about it, if she is not able to do the Presidential duties, Tim Kaine will step up! Tim Kaine! The VP hopeful that has extreme ties to racial Islam. See: Democrat Tim Kaine’s ties to Radical Islam , here on Trumpville.

Now today one of the most patriotic days in America, the 15th anniversary of 911 and the 4th anniversary of Benghazi, ( which Hillary was responsible for), Hillary collapsed. This is Karma at its best! God will not stand and continue to let this woman, lie, cheat, and steal from America any longer!

Hillary’s doctor is now trying to say Hillary has pneumonia. Really? A quick excuse. I’ve watched this video at every angle possible, and she clearly crumbled, and I firmly believe she had a stroke. There is a photo of Hillary’s face just before the collapse, and you could see the facial muscles tightened, which are signs of a stroke.

Hillary was dragged by her arms into her van, you can clearly see she has zero control over her body. The collapse was so intense, her shoe came off and let laying in the street.

The media, the Democratic party, Hillary’s handlers, can say whatever they want, but Americans are not stupid deplorable’s, as Hillary called us on Friday!

Anyone who watches this video will see, Hillary Clinton is not healthy enough to be President.

Hillary Clinton is the Non-America Values Candidate. And Karma is a B*tch! Guess karma finally is catching up with Killary!

As Hillary Passes Out and Collapses A piece of Metal Falls Out Of Her Pant Leg. Is this why Hillary is always seen in a full burqa? She must be hiding assistive devices under her clothes. You decide… looks pretty obvious. If Hillary is sick, are her handshakes and hugs “lethal”, “contagious”?

She’s hiding a major health condition known as Parkinson’s disease! Patients with Parkinson normally wear orthopedic leg braces to control their legs from collapsing, similarly how she fell today. She was obviously having some medical condition but when he collapsed it was like something failed, that being her orthotic leg device, instantaneously the metal piece fell from her leg.

Hillary Clinton is the Non-America Candidate.

And Karma is a B*tch! Guess karma finally is catching up with Killary!

“handshakes and hugs”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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