Democrats are not the friends of Blacks Don’t be played again!

Democrats are not the friends of Blacks

Democrats are not the friends of Blacks – Black Brothers and Sisters rise up against Hillary

by Amanda Wiley, Guest contributor Trumpville Report

Only one day away from a historical election that will determine the direction of the United States of America. With a knot in my stomach, I fear the events that lay ahead for all of Americans citizens. The FBI has issued a terrorist attack threat against the United States. Depending on the election results will depend on how we as Americans will survive the next administration to take office. With research on the Democratic Party just to educate myself on what they stand for and what they stood for in the past my worries about Hillary Clinton has gotten worse.

Democrats are not the friends of Blacks

Did you know that in 1800’s the Democratic was created and Andrew Jackson was the first democrat president? Did you also know that this Democratic president was the cause of the trail of tears? Andrew Jackson stole land from native Indians and used that land to bribe people for their votes in the elections? Interesting huh, the pay for play goes that far back in our American history.

Did you also know that Andrew Jackson democratic president was also the founder of slavery? Yeah, that’s right slavery, Democratic Party created it. The Democratic Party, as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign, say they are for the black communities. If that was the case then why did democrat party vote against civil rights movement for blacks? Democratic Party takes credit for the civil rights act but history shows that the Republican Party was the ones that voted for it while democratic fought against it.

Did you know that the Democratic Party voted against including black population into the 14th amendment? Did you also know the Democratic Party opposed letting black populations right to vote by fighting against the 15th amendment? Democrats are not the friends of Blacks

The story doesn’t stop there. When slavery was abolished in 1865 the Democratic Party was against that too. As much as Hillary Clinton has said the KKK is for Donald Trump, history shows the KKK was also founded by the Democratic Party. As a matter of fact, the KKK leader was a pledged delegate of the Democratic Party. There is so much information from the past that is hidden and deliberately not taught to the American people that it isn’t funny. Honestly, that’s a great reason that Donald trumps idea of getting rid of common core education is a superb idea.

I hear Hillary Clinton talk about planned parenthood and how that’s so important. I agree it is important, however, do you know who founded planned parenthood and why? A lady named Margaret Sanger was the founder of planned parenthood. The objective was population control in black communities. They wanted to minimize the size of the black population whom at the time was taking ahold of the southern states government system. The Democratic Party opposed blacks rights to the second amendment so that when the KKK rolled up in their yard that the blacks couldn’t protect themselves. Democrats are not the friends of Blacks

Crazy stuff huh? I always was told that the Democratic Party was for the poor and the Republican Party was for the rich, whoever told me that as a small child left out a ton of important details.

Now I know you’re saying “most of the black communities are Democratic” did you know that in the 1930s there was a promise made to the black communities and not fulfilled? That’s why they all changed over to Democratic Party was for a false promise but they thought they were switching to democratic for economic purposes.

So the Democratic Party who founded slavery on plantations thought they had lost their battle in controlling the black communities until they created a new plan after the Republican-led abolishment of slavery. Their idea was to create inner cities for black communities. We know them as the ghetto’s and slums. Democrats are not the friends of Blacks

The Democratic Party created those new neighborhoods for the black communities but what did the democratic gain from it? The Democratic gained the votes of millions of black citizens because the black communities felt the Democrats was helping them. The black communities were given the worst of jobs and the worst of housing and the Democratic Party like Obama administration hasn’t done anything to help these people and the Democratic Party was the ones who created their situation and way of living, to begin with.

I find myself concerned with the actions of our political establishment. I honestly feel that the corruption is so deeply rooted in our government system that the only thing that will have a remote chance of saving the United States of America is a nonpolitical advocate for the America people.

Donald J. Trump is our chance, he is our hope, he is our answer. If you’re not a political person I urge you to research the political history of the United States and when the day is done I will see you at the voting booth voting for Donald Trump. May the America voice ring loud and clear and May Donald Trump be the next president of the United States.

“Democrats are not the friends of Blacks”,  Amanda Wiley

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